Deleted my Facebook account today

Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by stretcher, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. Paddy

    Paddy New Member

    Have I said anywhere that Facebook will solve my social problem? Seriously, what do you take me for? Of course I have to go out meeting people, be active and things like that. Change my life in general. What I'm saying is that I fear I will be left out anyway if I'm not on it. That I won't be able to keep up with what's happening. Today people assume you're on it. I also have some experience of this: "You didn't know it was a party? It was posted on Facebook" and things like that is something I have heard before. So it's not pure speculation. I have heard of others who miss a lot of stuff when they decide to leave too. That's what I want to prevent.

    I know people who don't post a lot of frivolous things on it but uses it in other ways. The chat for instance, to contact others. I prefer Skype but not that many are using it here anymore. Facebook is the prefered way of communication.

    I wouldn't say I'm arguing against people who have quit Facebook. Rather I'm weighing pros and cons. Maybe I don't get Facebook as I haven't been on it but only seen others using it. But your answers indicate you don't understand why I consider getting it. You misinterpret me (on purpose?) and that's what I'm pointing out.

    My life won't change miraculously if I'm getting Facebook but it could help me getting in contact with a few old friends again that I have lost contact with over the years and I could use it to keep track on what's happening. I'm thinking it COULD help me in my social life but I don't know that of course. I still don't think I will getting it though as the cons still seem to outweigh the pros but it's no longer that clear to me as it was before back in the days when people still used skype and msn to contact others.
  2. stretcher

    stretcher New Member

    Do you have this much trouble making all your decisions in life? Cause, Jesus.
  3. Paddy

    Paddy New Member

    It's not as if I keep thinking about this everyday and that it's taking up that much of my time. But to answer your question: No. But I want to make sure I do the right decision. It would really seem quite strange if I joined and then figuring out it definitely wasn't something for me and deleting it shortly afterwards, I think you realize this as well.

    I think my answer to your question is quite meaningless though, you were not asking with the intent to get an answer from me. You just wanted to make a sneering comment. Perhaps it's best to drop this now as it's not leading anywhere except to a hostile atmosphere.
  4. r1111

    r1111 Guest

    Ok so I was away from Facebook for three days and I also didn't masturbate during that time. I can conclude that Facebook stresses me out with so much useless information and neverending feed. I get triggered by some of the things people post.

    If you do plan on using Facebook please use an app like stay focused on chrome or self control on Mac to limit the time you spend on it. If it doesn't make your problems worse and it really will help you then use it. Otherwise don't!

    See I am still hesitant about getting rid of Facebook and they have made it so hard to leave on purpose.
  5. Paddy

    Paddy New Member

    I don't know whether it will make my problems worse if I use it or how much it would help me starting to hang out with old friends again as well as getting new ones since I never used it. It could be beneficial but it could also detrimental for me. We'll see what happens.

    It does feel a little late to get it now.
  6. totallyyours

    totallyyours Loyalty, honor, and a willing heart

    r1111, I'm all about the Net Nanny app on Chrome to limit my time to 20 min per 3 hours (you can customize how you see fit) on facebook and many other sites. Turn off the noise.
  7. ted93704

    ted93704 Keep Your Heads Up!

    I just deleted my second facebook accounts with my name on its onto all the fake accounts I created to add hot girls with..this will take a few days as I have to delete all my friends on there then deactivate it otherwise I"ll get tempted and go back on it again!
  8. Fapper3

    Fapper3 Guest

    I would delete it but I only use it to chat to friends I actually know in real life. before facebook i preferred email. i only feel since iphones got popular that facebook got really annoying with people updating and taking stupid photos all the time.
  9. MadMonkey

    MadMonkey Guest

    I've deleted my facebook account at least a dozen times in the past lol.

    But now I keep a page up even though I hardly use it just to please friends and I have a hunch that when I meet my girlfriend she is going to make me have a facebook page anyways, may as well be one step ahead of the game. HAHA!

    I hate facebook alot, but I admit it ain't all bad just to show people you give a shit about staying connected and aren't some outcast with social media phobias.

    To each their own, but I've come to terms with it. I think the key is completely not giving a fuck about it and just maintaining a page to please people you know.

    As for the whole 'generation me' argument, I think that's a very radical way of viewing it and certainly not everyone who uses facebook or twitter are complete ego ridden douche meisters. For example I stay in touch with a couple coworkers from a past job that I was good pals with, whom I would not talk to at all if it wasn't for facebook.

    Not everyone thinks they're a mini celebrity, but I understand the contempt completely.
  10. flamingwind

    flamingwind Guest

    I deactivated my account a few days ago and boy do I feel good about it. I feel like the next time I go on fb will be to permanently delete my account
  11. Fapper3

    Fapper3 Guest

    was just on facebook and this girl had uploaded some bikini pics! I started looking at them ...which triggered me so i immediately logged off

    God damn this is hard! lol
  12. lmartyw

    lmartyw Guest

    I use Facebook very little, and have about 15 friends and they are people I work with. They are constantly sending me useless information, Youtubes, Links, Pics and later ask me if I watched it, read it, saw it ... and I don't like it. I honestly have Facebook for possible networking possibilities, but now I understand that employers, credit agencies, mortgage companies, use Facebook as a means of "judging your worthiness" ... now that is just wrong?

    I'm also a Tour Guide for school groups all over the country. What if something accidentally gets posted that is an offense to a teacher, school or my company? I've set the privacy so that can't happen, but apparently I have no control over that if "they" should decide to change something.

    I also am a statistic. I am put in a category for targeted advertisement based on my Facebook information.

    I deleted my account 10 minutes ago.
  13. totallyyours

    totallyyours Loyalty, honor, and a willing heart

    Kind of coincides:,9267
  14. MadMonkey

    MadMonkey Guest

    So I just deleted my facebook account after my little spiel up above a few posts hahaha. OP I agree with you about facebook and actually find myself gravitating towards vanity even with moderate use of the medium.

    I only signed back up recently b/c it may seem wierd to future people I meet that I don't have an account and b/c I like to view posts by an organization I am involved with who uses facebook, but now that I am back in touch with that organization IRL there is really no need for me to use facebook for that purpose.

    So I am either 1) going to let the account get deleted

    or 2) keep the account but delete all the people I don't know from my friends list, lol I was just adding all these random people from high school and friends of friends b/c my list only had like 30 people I really knew or kept in touch with on it. Lol I felt funny having so little friends on my list when so many people have hundreds. But then great men are few, common folk are many, HAHAH no ego intended.

    Sigh, 14 more days to decide what to do...

    Going to take another scroll through this thread for the answer I need to make my decision.
  15. totallyyours

    totallyyours Loyalty, honor, and a willing heart

    Great contemplation Eschatothesia. I've reduced my use but do not want to delete since my wife is on and posts pics of my kids, occasionally I'll get good news from friends, and I have so much history on that thing like 8 years worth.

    I kind of treat fb like a blog. I post my thoughts, articles, or photos in hopes of having a record of something my kids can look back on. I know what you're thinking: just get a blog. I may. I should. I will.

    Maybe I will convert from fb to a blog/journal. I have a book journal, but if I lose that thing, everything is gone. I will use both (I can't rewrite stuff online, too much work, but will have different posts online, advice to my kids, etc.).

    Enjoy your Monday.

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