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  1. badger

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    I've been reading old books. i also like old movies. maybe because i'm old. anyway. seems to me the people in these movies/books all have one thing in common-decency. yes, there are bad guys, villains, and good guys, heroes. but what i mean what comes across, their demeanor is decency. not a word used these days, maybe because the meaning is unknown. what I mean is saying " please, thank you, yes maam, yes sir. can i help you with that. not a bother. anytime. my pleasure. how are you today?, you go first", back when someone said i will do it. and you could count on it being done. etc. etc. now i'm sure there were kids and adults waxing the dolphin back then too, but it was not so obvious. maybe i long for a time like Mayberry. so my daily aspirations are to be like these decent people. i know for sure if i want to be decent, there can be no porn. enough of my ramblings.
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    I think the good parts of the generations that preceded us were that we simply had more time for each other. With everyone on a device it is hard to engage in discourse. At the gym I often nod to people, but they have their earbuds in and the music is blasting. As a courtesy they will sometimes withdraw a bud from one side of the head, but there is a lack of engagement, because I am the interruption to the flow of music. Families often retreat to their own corners, staring at one screen or another. My wife can barely watch a movie with me now without also checking her phone constantly. She says "I find it relaxing." Well, I could say the same thing about PMO, now couldn't I? Perhaps if I were to masturbate to P while we're watching a movie I could use the same excuse? :D Of course P is seen as wretched and filthy, but just because her addiction is seen as less morally reprehensible doesn't mean it is any less an addiction.

    Also, everyone is in hurry. People drive faster now, stuff more "things," into their lives. I believe that technology is driving a wedge between decency/manners and our desire for cheap gratification. Talking to people takes work, as does slowing down.

    Badger, you ARE a decent man. Yes, I know how hard it is to hear a compliment and especially to believe it. Keep doing what you're doing, it's obviously working!
  3. badger

    badger Well-Known Member

    thanks my brother. you are right about the difficulty in accepting compliments. when i think of the filth. the degenerate shit i have watched, it is difficult. working on it. another day almost over and still clean.
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    @Bader what matters is the man you are today in any given moment. I agree with @Saville concerning the direction of our society. We cannot change how other people behave, but I can absolutely change myself and how I interact with the world around me and how I behave privately.
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    I, for one, do not consider them ramblings.
    To me, you are expressing the yearning of a normal person wondering what in the world happened to society in general. I heard a man once a that yes, there have always been people doing wrong things but they were swimming against the stream of decency
  6. badger

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    Decency. i like that word. to me it means: a goal. an aspiration. a demeanor. a personality. an aura. a lifestyle. this is what i strive for daily.
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  7. Saville

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    The key, I think, is being decent to ourselves. It all begins and ends with us. Just as we must do the work of staying off PMO, we must also lend a decent hand to ourselves and not withhold it for any reason.
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