Death grip and MO

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    Hello i am new here.
    At the moment i have PIED and also problem because of death grip.

    Can you give some advice about death grip problem?I coundn't find useful tips.Perhaps i didn't search enough....i don't know.

    I am now 3+ months without porn with the mentality to stop it forever.I masturebated to orgasm few times but i don't know is that good or bad?should i stop M and O completely?only O?There are different opinions especially for M without orgasm.Is that bad for your health?I ve heard specialists that is not good.

    What advice can you give because i have PIED and also lost sensation in my penis due to death grip.

    My situation just to know is bad but not severe as few others here.

    And a last question where there is much contradiction.Do i need to rewire with real girls in order to solve my problem?Or i can solve it alone.what about prostitutes?Did anyone solve this problem with prostitutes?

    Sorry to bother you but i am new to this.

    sorry for my english(its not my mother language)
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    I've read that we need to take a really long break from porn, masturbation, and orgasm.

    Check out and

    Best of luck to you!

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