Dead penis. Dicipline is the key.

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    First i want to let you Know that i dont speak english but i will try to share my experience. The last year i found myself with a girl and my penis didnt work, i started to think why this is happening to me, i'm only 23 and all the time i'm waiting to be alone to whatch porn and touche me. Then i started to do some research and i found this page and a cuple of videos on youtube that spoke about it. I dont have much time to share the hole story so i'm only going to tell you that is all in your head, the only reason because your sexual desire isnt there and your dick doesnt work is because you have been puting toneladas(lot of) of virtual plasuere in your branin and its procesed like it was real life. So your mind is crazy now and you dont know what to do. What I do was to stop watchig porn and i realize i couldnt mantein an erection without it so i started to read stories in this page and others and this gave me hope. I put myself the mision of no touch myself for 3 months, and in the midlle of that i will do running, studing and maintein a routine with disipline. Id never thougth i cant make it, i let it flow for 3 month and then i realice the progres so the next time i put the target to 6 month and i realice that with some help of blue pills i could have reasonable sex with womans!!! After that i had sex with a girlfriend that i had since a cuple o month, and we started dateing. Today one yearlater she is my partner of life and i never told her my old problem, we are in love and life is awsome. Dont give up be a man. Dont give to much importance to sex, this litle problem will lead you to another state of mind and another level in life. Dont tell anyone until you solve it. You will be having sex soon but for now i recomend some pills like bigmac, viagra or maca. Start eating black maca with water for 3 month and once in a time stop to see some womans in the street to test yourself but the more important thing is that during 3 month you DONT WATCH PORN AND DONT TOUCH YOURSELF. Then the tree month next do the same. Its easy belive me. Be positive. The universe is only telling you that this is not the way to live you deserve more and there is a beatiful world waiting for be explored. Thanks for read this, i'm with you, you are pure potential, its time to wake up.
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    Certainly is ultra easy. And with a woman that pulls you in, it is highly easy.

    Fear of the unknown, the fear of taking a risk of leaving the familiar states of porn screens and comfort....It is a risk.

    Perhaps something will happen, perhaps not. Regardless, take the risk. Jump in. Leave the comforts of porn even though they will always be there.

    And as you have discovered, after this 'buffer zone' period of sometime, you realise you never needed porn in the first place to realise you are good enough and deserving of love and knowing that existence needs you, you are in the right spot at the right time, that just coast with the gentle wave of life, and in the end it all fits together and everything is cool.

    Whatever you do, cruise and coast on. Life will always have you.

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