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Discussion in 'Ages 25-29' started by New Me, Apr 27, 2020.

  1. New Me

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    Visited this forum to give my word openly. So the moment I think of giving it up. I remember this .

    Attained many things personally which I have resolved in front of people .

    But this carnal pleasures often turns me down & are snatching the very liveliness within me . Vowed many times personally to overcome this compulsion .Often a week or twice I break the code. Now no codes no rules .This is for my well being.

    This will be the day of my RE+ (anything that uplifts this life)

    Let bygones be bygone .

    Now and then, I give up porn and masturbation for attaining greater things in the life"

    I break this pattern and FLY HIGH .

    Shall abide by it.

    Hoping for the support & positive vibes.

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  2. New Me

    New Me New Member

    Completed week 1 consciously.

    Appreciating the will power lies underneath to accomplish the things.

    Felt intense urge on 3rd night, neither resisted nor repressed, just observed and realized this too shall pass away. The very next morning was lively.

    Realised all power is within us, we just need to be in sync with nature.

    Books, movies, quotes and forums are the triggers which kindle the fire which is constantly burning right within.

    Rise from the ashes, embrace the odd times and be the best you!
  3. New Me

    New Me New Member

    Completed 2 weeks. Felt an urge once or twice.

    An encounter with new book The truth (uncomfortable...) By Neil Strauss.

    Might find urge to fill the voidness with stuff online but realised it only makes us shallow after an immediate drain of harmonies.

    Grateful to this forum, in fact it holds me accountable.

    Feeling lively and willing for transformation .

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