Day 60

Discussion in 'Ages 40+' started by kapt_stupendous, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. kapt_stupendous

    kapt_stupendous New Member

    Well, I hit day 60!!! Wow!!!

    When I started the reboot 60 days ago, this date seemed so far away. It has been so very worth every second of the past 60 days. When I finally stumbled onto yourbrainonporn, I was blown away, my ED problems could be solved by cutting out PMO permanently. The psychology behind the process was astounding, yet made perfect sense, the problem isn't with your penis it's with your head, which has been overbombarded dopamine caused by extensive porn use. Getting to the realization was a hard one, the final proof was having my wife try her hardest to make me hard, and it just flopped around like a spaghetti noodle, then afterward when I was alone, i tested it on some old standby clips that worked for me and i was hard enough to "cut glass" in no time at all. the next day, i started to reboot.

    While it was a challenge to not look at porn during the first couple of weeks, i held the course, i had motivation. the hardest part was having to confess to my wife, that after years of fighting over me watching porn and alienating her (she's deleted my porn collection several times over the years) because of it, that the reason I could no longer function reliably for her was Copulatory Impotence from years of watching porn clips. the dead dick phase sucked but, you pull through it and the rewards are many. My wife asked how one cures themselves of this and was a little skeptical about my answer, "according to this website i stumbled on all i have to do is reboot my brain lol!". well it works. Thanks to everyone who's story or account I read as a fish to get me going, and the people behind ybop Thank you! I appreciate it 150%!!!!! As someone i read early on put it, "if you want to have a normal sex life again then you kinda have too". Understood loud and clear, thanks for reading.
  2. youngoldie

    youngoldie Onwards comrades - we have to go back!

    Great to hear this sucess story. Just curious - how far went your recovery? And what are the long-term-goals for you?
  3. Guy_Stewart

    Guy_Stewart Well-Known Member

    Thanks for SHARING! People like you continue to inspire me to stay strong.
  4. kapt_stupendous

    kapt_stupendous New Member

    Thanks Guys! i appreciate it!!

    @ youngoldie - so far, my recovery has went well, morning wood has returned, although not every day. but it is back. i've been re-bonding to my wife, so she is happy that i work normally, for her again. as for long term, my wife and i have actually started to live out porn fantasy's so i'd would rather be fully functional for her and our friends than to be sitting alone watching it on the laptop screen wishing it was me, which was the old days. when the ED really hit, i thought it was game over... stupidly though i couldn't figure it out... when i was with real people the functionality was poor, watching it on a computer screen i could stay hard for hours... than after a lot of frustration i luckily stumbled onto ybop and then i understood fully what had happened, and best of all, IT WAS REVERSABLE.

    @ guy_stewart - you are most welcome man, it is worth it, it really is... i'm glad the torch move's forward. again, i'd like to thank the guys who's stories i read in the beginning for helping me get this far. you can do it man!!!
  5. fcjl8

    fcjl8 The only path for me

    Great reading your post! You are very strong.

    I was concerned about using porn type fantasy with my wife during a long re-boot last year, I had been warned that the graphic nature might make the same porn circuits activate. I never really worried about it too much because I was happy bonding and being with her physically.

    Do you have any further thought on the fantasy/reality situation? It was always suggested that we try karezza which we did enjoy but never fully embraced- yet.

    Stay Strong.
  6. ezagent

    ezagent Guest

    Congratulations. Stay strong. Determination. Be ready.
  7. kapt_stupendous

    kapt_stupendous New Member

    @ fcjl8 - thank you! my focus has been very clear, i am rebonding to my wife. earlier in our marriage we had poor communication, and she hadn't come to terms with her own sexuality yet. so while i was quite kinky, she was in hiding. when she finally started dropping hints to what she wanted sexually, i missed them because she didn't come right out and say i want xy&z to happen. for me/us it's about living in the reality of the moment. this scenario sounds fun, let try it. living your dreams out is the ultimate pay off. you can't do that if you can't perform. i'm just lucky though that i have a one in a million wife. i had suggested trying some tantra stuff (similar to karezza) to my wife, but due to our vanilla past, it doesn't interest her at this point. i understand that not everyone recovering has my situation, this is just what works for me.

    @ ezagent - thank you, i appreciate it! i find focusing on your goal is the key!
  8. youngoldie

    youngoldie Onwards comrades - we have to go back!

    Nice to hear good things from you. Just keep on!

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