Day 4

Discussion in 'Ages 40+' started by richmart, Oct 14, 2012.

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    Happy to report no problems on day 4. This morning, however, I am experiencing an increased level of edginess. This suggests to me that there are some struggles around the ben because porn, for me, has always been about pushing negative emotions away through porn and masturbation. One the biggest problems in past attempts to break free has been not knowing how to actually deal with strong negative emotions. My approach has always been to seek solace in porn when my emotions get stirred up and I am trying to take away the crutch that I have been using for more than 30 years. I truly don't know how to deal with negative emotions in any other way!

    That being said, though, I also realize that getting free offers me the opportunity to become a more complete person by learning how to deal with this stuff as healthy people to. I am also hoping that I will finally deal with the junk behind my urge to escape negative emotions rather than dealing with them.
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    Hey, Now or never, I'm glad your reboot is going well ;D

    -Gopher ;D

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