Day 3 of my journey: harder than i expected

Discussion in 'Ages 40+' started by Pilgrim, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim New Member

    Hi! Today is my third day. I thought is gonna be easier. It s not. Trying to keep calm, balanced, Trying to look with objectivity to the cravings and understand more about what the going inside of my brain and inside of my soul. It seems to me that we fall into any addiction just to try to fullfil a kind of emptyness we feel very deep inside. Did you feel this emptyness On your chest? Lets go for one more step!
  2. kd

    kd New Member

    We've been there!

    I wouldn't describe what I felt as an emptiness, but the porn substituted for finding real stable women. (The ones I dated were always damaged and sexual freaks.) In a way I felt that my favorite ones were "mine" somehow. When I dropped PMO, it was like I didn't have my female friends who were always there to please me. Not a real hole or emptiness, but a loss nevertheless.

    It's day 60 something for me. I quit counting. Right now it seems you'll always be addicted to porn, but where I am porn is just not that appealing anymore.
  3. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim New Member

    Thank you, man!
  4. superduper

    superduper break the chains of porn

    I didn't feel an emptiness when I started PMO, but I feel it now that I'm dropping it. I was always motivated to create things and enjoyed just small details in life, I didn't need some big expectation or high amount of excitement to feel satisfied...after being addicted to the highs of PMO, I feel empty in the sense that literally nothing can match the burst of stimulation, so everything seems drier. But that will go away

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