Day 1 of Reboot.... Here we go!

Discussion in 'Ages 40+' started by needtoohigh, Jul 20, 2012.

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    "Keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times. Do not exit the ride until it comes to a complete stop!"

    Mid 40yr male here. I have a very long and brutal story, but it's nothing that many of you here haven't experienced so I will keep it short and let it evolve as my reboot takes place.

    I would like to share my first steps though as I feel so good about things!!

    No energy, lame, brain fog to the max, no motivation, relationship stressed, wonderful sales job going straight to the pooper, everything is affected in a very bad way! I knew and know deep down what the problem is, so it's now time to get a hold of it. It wasn't until I read this "Reboot" thing that it really made sense and it actually felt like it was something I could certainly do!

    So, I wiped up, cleaned up and after much reading here I set out on a course to reboot my sick brain chemistry.

    Step 1. I have cleaned and cleaned my computer. Eliminated ALL traces and access to any porn. I have zero porn tracings and/or porn anywhere in my house, my phone, my computer etc... and I MUST! WHAT a feeling!!! I feel "free" like I just broke up with a bad bad gf and now I can relax! I don't have to worry about anyone finding anything. I don't have to hide anything, there is nothing to hide! Wow! And trust me, I had a LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Step 2. I made a list of activities to do when I get tempted - the instant I feel it, I will go to these things....

    So far that's where I am. I feel really good and motivated. I ALREADY feel like I want to tackle some work projects and get some of those things done that I am WAYYYYY behind on due to PMO! Ugggggh!

    Just the realization of the fact that it was NOT that I'm not motivated, or a good man, or a good sales guy or any of that... because I am good at what I do. It's just that I've been buried in that PMO thick fog for so long I can't see to get to the damn truck!! Let alone the computer program for which I need to use to do my JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This has been on going for many years.

    I'm very excited and looking forward to this reboot. I know it will not be easy, but the concept is the best I've heard yet and I believe it myself and in here we go!

    Thank you all for all of your contributions that I read!
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    Good luck with your reboot needtohigh and well done on deleting all your P. Have you ever attempted a reboot before or what is your longest without PMO? I too am starting from scratch tomorrow and have had several attempts and my record is 10 days. The good news is if you start a reboot you will start to notice the difference within a few days. Its strange how better you feel and how more socially comfortable you become without PMO. I know 10 days is only short in comparison to others on here but i cant wait to get myself into a full reboot and enjoy the finer things of life again. PMO numbs your pleasure response in your brain and you can't enjoy things that you should such as socialising and going for a walk, swim or a nice meal. When your brain doesnt get its PMO it starts to appreciate other things and you think clearer and as you say remove the fog. This really works. Good luck :)
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    Wow! Yes, you're so right. It's like I almost feel a difference already today! I woke up this morning next to her and could feel that I "wanted it" or wanted "something" from her. However, I dug into my reboot mind and realized that may "want" at that point was only the addiction speaking to me, so I left it alone and left her alone. We got up and sat outside, I got my computer and proceeded to POUND OUT about 20 good emails for work and did THREE reports that were due! OMG! I was a freakin focused machine! It felt so so good and now that all of that is done and caught up, I can't tell you how good I feel!!! Now, I want to go out and clean up the garage and get things ready for the weekend. I have plans in my head for a nice bbq night tomorrow eve! Wow! What a difference so far. Just "knowing" that I'm in reboot and that I'm NOT going to do PMO at all is refreshing because I don't have to "worry" or wonder about "when" and how I'm gonna PMO! F**K PMO... wow!

    I could also tell and "feel" that she was VERY happy with me today! She even said to me, "I love to watch you work when you're so motivated!" Hmmmm.... I'm betting that will "pay off" later :) Although, I'm not pushing for anything at all and will just let things happen naturally.

    What a change and it's all in my mind. I love it!

    On to day 2 now!

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