Day 1 - Check-in

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by Leonard, Oct 14, 2021.

  1. Leonard

    Leonard New Member

    Hi everyone

    This is my first day of trying to get over my addiction. It has affected my work and my family life. I have been finding myself in the trap of watching or chatting on pornographic sites when I am supposed to be working, hiding away in my bedroom or int he bathroom when I am at home, or waiting until my wife goes to bed.

    It has meant that my work has suffered with me racing to meet deadlines because I have spent hours on the internet chatting, viewing, and masturbating. It is also giving me an unrealistic expectation of what my relationship should be with my wife. I also can cut it close in the crude comments that I may make to friends and colleagues.

    I have closed all my accounts with porn sites and have also got rid of my anonymous email addresses and Skype. I have tried before but this is a new “day one” and I don’t want to fail.

    What I am going to do is have a daily check-in. Please feel free to join me and keep me and yourselves accountable.
  2. Leonard

    Leonard New Member

    Day two for me. I found a load of saved photos on my phone last night. It is amazing how just glimpsing them can start to make you aroused and want to see more. I deleted them all permanently though and avoided this blip. I have also blocked adult sites through my network provider so hopefully this will act as another obstacle to me going online. I am also trying to reassess my relationship with my wife so that it is a healthy one rather than a lustful one.
  3. Leonard

    Leonard New Member

    Day 3! Apologies - I may be posting my update in the wrong forum. Have had a couple of “twitches” as my wife and kids have been out and I have been tempted to look. I have however been good and resisted the urge by keeping busy.
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  4. -Luke-

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    Hey Leonard. Welcome (back) to the forum! Yes, it's probably better the make a threead in the journal section. This section of the forum isn't that active anymore.

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