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    Recently, my PMO addiction has cost me a solid chance with a nice, pretty girl. I've had countless relapses over my years-long battle with this nasty habit, but this one was a harsh blow. I've been struggling to retain back the drive and resilience I've achieved during my almost-one month steak. It would've been my longest one since a three-month break I've had a couple of years ago. That clarity and sharpness of mind is like a drug; I wonder why we keep rejecting it for a quick-fix of regrettable pleasure.

    I'm sure everyone has their own reasons as to why they're embarking on this mission. Myself, it's to get laid and finally lose my v-card. More importantly rather, a relationship is something I often long for. I keep wondering though; how am I going to get there with my insecurities and fear of rejection & intimacy? How am I going to handle romance and sex after 24 years of utter inexperience? Sometimes I feel certain people are genetically predisposed to be alone.

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