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Discussion in 'Ages 40+' started by ananoman, Dec 5, 2012.

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    I live in a smaller city and am considering GREEN LASER LIGHT treatment for my BPH. My research is that this procedure is the least invasive and affective of the common "men" problems brought on by TURP and the PLASMA BUTTON,etc.

    Is the green light laser what you had?

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    No I had Pulmonary Artery Embolism (PAE) These are done by interventional radiologists- basically he went through a very small incision in my groin to the area where the arteries supply blood to the prostate. He then deposited pellets in that area to block the blood flow. This reduced blood supply causes the Prostate to shrink. Mine did work to a certain degree.

    The other procedure I would encourage you to look at is the Focal Laser ablation. An Interventional radiologist uses a laser to vaporize tissue in an extremely precise and controlled manner. Neither of these procedures are done by urologists so you aren't going to get much if any info or support from them
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    its been a pretty low key, flat. lethargic several days but all of a sudden I'm getting a stirring in my body.... and an urge to peek at something. Need to step away from my computer.
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    Thanks Anonoman for the explanation. I will check out the Focal Laser Ablation and see if it is done here. I would think Interventional Radiologists are mostly doctors in major urban cities. Thats a new brand of physicians for me.

    Houston and Dallas are several hours away and people here commonly go to those major medical centers. Methodist Hospital in Houston is in the top 15 hospitals in America.

    Again, thanks
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    Your in luck. The #1 guy pioneering the use of FLA in treatment of BPH is Dr Ara Karamanian in Houston
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    Terrible day yesterday. Energy was good but feeling beat down from work and less than optimal outcomes seem to bother me a lot. My wife thinks the real problem for me right now is how I'm mentally reacting to that has happened to me at church. She may be right.
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    So sorry for your low day bro. What happened at church? Some of my biggest hurts have been associated with church people. We all have our rough edges, myself included. And for the people who have hurt me, I am learning to forgive and bless them when their ugliness pops in to my mind.....Romans 4 I believe.

    Praying for you today bro. You have a great spirit and determination. Dont let anyone or anything, including Satan and all his lies, sully the brightness of His face which is turned toward you today, beaming love and acceptance, and smiling His peace upon you.

    Brotherly love and concern here.
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    And thanks for the tip on the Houston Doctor. I am going to check him out.
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    I have faithfully served in the music ministry at my church for 20 years as a volunteer. In my time there the church has grown from a decent sized church of 700 to a megachurch of 12000. I play sax and flute there and have been blessed to be good enough to "play with the big boys". In my time there I've played with Grammy winners, Dove winners, guys that have played for presidents, and guys that have toured with the likes of Christian Aguilera. The church has a lot of "paid professional volunteers" but I have never asked for a dime. This is my ministry.

    The church has gradually been changing the direction of the music but I have adapted over the years, I started out playing as a sax flute guy with a rhythm section- (drums. bass, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, keys), but shifted more into big band, and horn section. About a year ago they made the decision to make the church even more millennial friendly so they decided to go to just a rock band every week. They have eliminated the orchestra, the big band, and choir. Once in a while they might use strings as well as horns.

    I was willing to roll with the changes and towards the end of last year the old guard was leaving and a new music director came in to run things along side one of the long time worship leaders (who I think never really cared for me to be in the mix to begin with). This new guy is young- young enough to be my son. He sent out a nice email detailing the changes that would be happening and invited people to meet with him to talk about it. I set up a coffee meet up which he cancelled and never rescheduled. As Christmas approached there was talk of a need for musicians to be used in a Christmas event they were doing and I happily volunteered. But as the weeks went by and the event was approaching communication from the new director and worship leader was nil. I would send emails and get no response. I finally spoke to the soon to be leaving "old guard" worship leader and he told me he would talk to them. So eventually I did get a response but they were very vague in details. I kept asking for details and they continued to be vague. Finally I pressed them just days before the event and they said to show up early and they would show me where I would be playing and have everything ready.

    So the first night off the event I went to check in and the first clue that something was amiss was that the folks at the check in station had no idea any musicians were going to be playing. I waited for the 2 leaders to show up.... and they never did. It turns out all the supposed plans for music at this event were never really happening, and I had been misled the whole time. I sent the leaders an email and the response I got was that they were just really busy.

    I am friends with one of the elders so I spoke with him about what happened and he obviously said something to them because a few months later when I had to ask them a question via email I got a response from one of them immediately, and he was even on vacation at the time!

    Anyways I'm pretty sure my informing the elder about what happened burned any bridges I had with the music ministry. last month they put the horn section together with myself being the only one not asked to play.

    So it looks like I'm done there although I have yet to get official word from any of them. And this is after 20 years.
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    That sucks ananoman. You've been rejected and I can feel the hurt. On the plus, you gave 20 years of music to people who came to your church. Think of what you've given and also what you received through your gift of music ministry. Up until 15 days ago you were struggling with watching P or subs and there is no doubt in my mind that this creates a negative mindset. Without P, without the peeks, something new, exciting, and challenging will come along. WE are in charge of our own momentum.
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    My dear brother.

    I am so sorry you got hurt in the wave of modern music which is sweeping all churches. I know your pain as I have been a faithful choir member for years and only the last couple of years, have I got out of our church choir for my own health reasons. I go to a large Spirit filled church, though not as large as yours. Your church sounds like Lakewood where Joel Osteen pastors.

    The worship music at our church in large part makes me wonder how God, who is deserving of all our adoration and praise, actually sees the wave of this throw-a-way music where someone cannot remember the lyrics or musical score of those type songs the second we stop trying to sing them. And bro, I am all too familiar with young leadership like you described. Those kids dont have the same values as we do nor do they have the same civility as you have observed and now experienced to the great detriment of your talents and feelings.

    You have done the correct thing in making yourself available. The rest is up to God and you should give Him your hurts and disapointments, while forgiving those who have hurt you.

    Prayerfully, I suggest that you go patiently here and see what God in store for you with your abilities. Remember too that there are places for you to minister like nursing homes, others ministries in your huge church. Your talents would probably be more appreciated in a new ministry and you will be fulfilling the Lords command to turn your talents into more talents. Afterall, its all about HIM and not about ourselves or people who are shortminded, short on civility, and in need of a good dose of Christian civility that flows from the Word.

    I hope you feel better sharing your soul and knowing another person cares. That is the beauty of Celebrate Recovery, a ministry I am involved in greatly.

    Maybe the Lord is calling you to start a Sex and Porn Recovery ministry in your mega church. You have the background, the heart, and the experience from many things on this website to help other men.

    As John Maxwell says.........Just a thought

    Prayers for your feelings and talents to bloom in a new way.
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    Wow guys!! Thank you so much for the kind words.
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    It seems I am on quite an emotional roller coaster. Over the weekend I teared up while discussing my experience on my last mission trip with prospective missionaries and then today I was sharing a news story that I had read with my wife and while talking about it I nearly started crying. It seems right now I am fragile- so many little things upset me and my confidence in myself is low. I continue to be very flat and lethargic. I am hoping this will turn around soon
  14. ananoman

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    Getting through this day by day. Not sure if I need to reset but last night I watched a movie I had seen before, fully knowing it had a sex scene in it and made no effort to not watch it or shut it off. Didn't do anything for me, but still...
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    It's a mindset of addicts. We actively have to turn that type of attitude around. Yes, we're going to feel low in mood and confidence - that's when we must give ourselves something to do. Washing windows ( a job I detest) has turned my mood around before. I find comfort in the mundane.
  16. ananoman

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    Don't tell my wife this.... otherwise she's going to ask me to wash the windows! :)
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    Hi ananoman,

    I would vote no reset... you said it did nothing for you. You would know if the old circuits lit up. It is up to you though... this is your path so you have to make the call.

    I totally agree on the emotional fragility and the flat lethargic state... this we must pus through. You can push right through this!
  18. ananoman

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    I did a reset. I knew what I was doing and I didn't make an effort to shut off the movie. I'm being strict but it seems that this strictness is helping me by setting a better boundary
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    Chin up, back on the horse.
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    Praying for you brother. Sorry, I had not noticed the rough deal at your church after 20 years of devoted musical mission work.

    Man, total respect. I just love the music at our church and am so grateful that people such as yourself give of your gifts. Thank you. Praying for a change and softening of hearts in your music director.
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    My sleep was very good yesterday. I have no idea why, it was as if my body finally felt right to get into a good sleep cycle. My wife has not been feeling good in her lady parts, which means sex with her is not going to happen at this moment. I have been using her to go see the doctor. I have been getting urges off and on so it makes it a bit tougher.
  22. ananoman

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    My wife is feeling much better. It turns out she has a UTI and has gone on Cipro.

    I'm discovering all the different facets of total body health. My brain seems to be doing better as the days pass- the fog is definitely gone now and my energy is increasing.

    My sleep was so so last night but I feel good today. In my search for answers to my health woes I found that Adrenal Fatigue, gut flora issues, and prostate inflammation all have something in common- namely sugar can exacerbate things. And I'm finding that sugar creates issues for me. Yesterday I went to the movies and indulged in M&M's and then at night I had one of those sweet Asian Taro Slushies. The result was that I woke up 4 times to go pee. and things just didn't feel right down there.

    So I know that I have to watch the sugar intake as well.
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