Costa Rica. Looking for an accountability partner

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by daguilara, Apr 3, 2019.

  1. daguilara

    daguilara Age: 20 - I will definitely beat this addiction!!

    I'm looking for an accountability partner, someone who is willing to take accountability seriously with an app like covenant eyes or a similar one.

    We can communicate through email or Whatsapp.

    Anyone else looking for a no fap co-op?

    Let's do this shit.

    In return I can teach how to hit on girls and be able to talk to any girl (no PUA bullshit).

    I live in costa Rica, but it can be a partner of any place over the earth.
  2. Oliver A Ullman

    Oliver A Ullman New Member

    Hola hermano, me gustaria ser tu accountability partner! Mi email es y mi whatsapp es +13033962866
  3. toucansam

    toucansam New Member

    What is PUA?
  4. BlackAngel90

    BlackAngel90 New Member

    Hey bro, Costa Rica is on my vacation list, it would be nice to make a friend there. Hmu on pm and we can exchange info. I think I use whats app and snapchat.

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