Coronavirus a trigger

Discussion in 'Ages 25-29' started by TJ3, Mar 27, 2020.

  1. TJ3

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    I have not PMO for more than 800 days. Suddenly with coronavirus and quarantine urges have started to resurface.

    I think it's from being bored, with lack of adventure or excitement. I can't remember being this close to crossing the line in the 2 years since I restarted my reboot.

    I came back here to vent and get advice. This threat has been very helpful.

    So far I have restarted a reboot, trying to go at least a week without thinking about anything arousing and avoiding any triggers.

    Anyone else think the coronavirus is triggering? What are you doing to avoid it?
  2. Battlesword1

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    Hey TJ. I just started last week, amid coronavirus. I'm viewing it as the opportunity to go full detox. I've picked up piano (already had a keyboard but no idea what I was doing other than mashing keys that sounded nice) so that is one of my ways. But really developing a good routine for myself. Wake up 0700, work out, meditate, breakfast, shower, change, read for an hour, piano lesson, lunch, video games for two hours, go for a walk (rain or shine) and listen to music, more piano, dinner, watch a movie/tv show, more reading, meditate, bed 1100.

    I've been putting the computer and phone away largely, except for scheduled times to chat with friends and family and check in on their health.
  3. baywalker

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    Coronavirus is triggering, coronavirus is triggering something much deeper, something we thought we wouldn't talk about in this lifetime.

    It's none of these. Think again, but this time, try to be more courageous in your answers.

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