convince me not to get a transsexual escort

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by UsernameTaken, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. UsernameTaken

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  2. You know what I'm talking about, you fucking troll. Get the fuck out of these forums, you moron.

    I'm talking about this comment of yours:

    Which you have deleted by now. Retard.

    This makes all of your comments nonsense.

    You have already fucking tried, troll.
  3. syndaren

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    Told ya. And all those retarded threads about smelling own farts. Jesus...
  4. Yeah, now it all makes "sense" (that is, he's just a troll).


    LOL, he's been banned before:

    I don't understand this guy. What's his point? He's been doing this for months!
  5. UsernameTaken

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    ok i will be frank sometimes i troll lightheartedly because im so frustrated that i cant watch porn or have a gf so i take out my frustration on others. but i was serious about the tranny thing. i met one but it was more of a manly ts. so i thought maybe if i meet a feminine ts it would be different. blame my addicted mind for the trolling not my recovered mind.
  6. ryan67

    ryan67 New Member

    Get out and do something. It doesn't matter if you just take a walk around the block. Get out! Just being bored and awaiting the day you no longer use porn as a crutch in life is the wrong way to go. The change comes from the attitude. When I sit around pondering how long can I last without porn I find myself annoyed by every little thing my gf does. Then when she sleeps I will go have an hour long session to only be ok for the few hours or so. Sometimes I just feel worse and that's when I end up Masturbating 3-5 times a day for the rest of the week. To the point where I am physically tired and laying next to her doesn't turn me on. But when I just live and consider it a closing chapter my day is so much better. This year will be so much better.
  7. Jigar

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    The way you guys are talking about transgender women is pretty disrespectful.

    Don't go down the escort route. And I think since you're confused about your sexuality perhaps a transgender partner isn't ideal for now, but why rule it out? They're people looking for love and affection like everyone else.
  8. ryan67

    ryan67 New Member

    I 100% agree. I introduced my ex ts gf to my family and friends.
  9. Yeah, me too. I had my ex TS girlfriend over for Christmas, and as we sat around the Christmas tree, she pulled down her pants, and showed her dick to everyone. All of us were amazed how big and beautiful it was. Then she spit in her palms and started to masturbate in front of us, and shot her cum all over our Christmas tree. Everyone was happy, my grandpa actually told me: "Son, I'm so proud of you. You have such a wonderful tranny girlfriend." He burst into tears.

    Just joking...

    Seriously though, TRANSSEXUALS ARE MONSTERS! Period.
  10. BackOnTrack

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  11. sidney1990

    sidney1990 Guest


    don't agree with the last bit, but its fucking funny to read :p
  12. ryan67

    ryan67 New Member

    Maybe you tell yourself that. I actually brought my ex to my parents just so she could meet my parents. I avoided it partly because she was transgendered and partly because I don't bring the women i date to meet my mom often. So I finally broke down and did it and we just watched movies and ate dinner together. I think my mom knew. My ex was beautiful but nothing could hide the fact she had big hands. She also wore tights and I was so scared she would have wardrobe malfunction. On the way home she cried and told me how no one ever did that for her. Most men only look at transsexuals as a fetish. Even I call it that from time to time but it's wrong. My current girlfriend has a book called sextrolgy... It combines astrology and sexuality. I was so shocked when I read about the Taurus. It says "like the Minotaur my sexual desires can trap me in a maze of my own with many rooms". I took that as my addiction to porn which truly was a maze not only for me but many others. It also has a list of fetishes.... cross dressing and androgyny was a few of the many. So I have come to accept my attraction to ts women at the same time being in love with a woman. I hope this helps others struggling with these type of things.
  13. SelfControl2013

    SelfControl2013 "Infinite patience produces Immediate results"

    LOL Now thats some good comedy haha
  14. SelfControl2013

    SelfControl2013 "Infinite patience produces Immediate results"

    hey thanks for sharing this, i never thought of it like that.
  15. BadOnion

    BadOnion New Member

    I think you should get a tranny escort. Anything to stop you from more silly posts.
  16. boston

    boston New Member

    Five good reasons to not get one:

    1. STDs, including the HIV.
    2. Legal rammifications- to include fines and/or jail time.
    3. Jailhouse rape.
    4. Shaming your family with your deeds.
    5. Everyone you ever knew will know what you did from the police logs and stuff. It will spread on Facebook. You might as well move to the moon to get away from the shame.
  17. SwimAddict

    SwimAddict New Member

    I don't think that transexuals are necessarily monsters. There are some people who just don't feel right in the orientation they were born with, thats ok. Choosing to go down that path takes some balls (pun intended) and the way we of all people think of them shows just how hard that life must be.

    That being said, the transexuals we see in PORN are often monsters. They have hack job ridiculous silicone boobs and are otherwise male. I highly doubt many of these "girls" chose to become girls at all. Also the "girls" who genuinely started on the path to become women (you can tell they've been on hormones to some extent) and then stopped to retain their male function like a lot of the "stars" of ts porn are also monsters. That being said, If I met a cute girl and when it came time she happened to have a (probably atrophied at this point) penis I wouldn't think she was a monster, just a person.
  18. CidGuerreiro

    CidGuerreiro Well-Known Member

    Whether shemales and the like are monsters or not is irrelevant.

    What matters is the only reason anyone would seek a shemale escort is to indulge porn-induced fantasies. That's enough reason for anyone serious about recovering from porn addiction.
  19. newdon2life

    newdon2life New Member

    Beyond all of the above points, there is the fact that you will be spending a lot of money unnecessarily for the "opportunity" to get an STD, be arrested, feel like shit, embarrass your friends and potentially lose your job.

    Let us ruminate on the story of one-time legendary DJ to Big Daddy Kane and discoverer of Notorious B.I.G., "Mister Cee":

    Note that our friends in the media, as well as the wider culture painted this as Mr. C being gay and being serviced by men, his protestations meaning nothing. And really, besides trannies themselves,radical feminists and academic leftists in "gender studies" departments, nearly no one with working commonsense considers getting with a TS girl as anything other than "gay" (and for the very common sense reason that getting surgery and taking hormones does not change one's biological sex...oops, I mean "gender," at all).

    If you are confused sexually, having the shit-storm of being labeled by nearly every person you run into as "gay" is not going to make the job of getting unconfused and coming to a true, honest, internal assessment of what/who you are any easier. It is only going to make it that much harder.

    That's a lot of wonderful "value" to get from blowing a few hundred bucks on this curiosity.
    With all the risks involved to the "john," these prostitutes should be paying them, not the other way around.

    If you really are gay or into (non-prostitute) TS people legitimately--romantically and sexually, that's fine. I don't think indulging this before you have given your brain the right rest to untangle p-induced confusion is doing yourself any favors.
  20. stretcher

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    I for one would like to encourage UsernameTaken to sleep with as many transsexual escorts as he can afford. And you know it's just a waste of money if you use a condom, so you'll want to bareback it as well. Enjoy, bro!

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