convince me not to get a transsexual escort

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by UsernameTaken, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. Success4Sure

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    Me neither. I still think it's obvious for a male to have this instinct.
  2. Secundus

    Secundus New Member

    That is quite a bold statement coming from someone with a "sick problem" that he can't control... I think you answered your own question though if you read it about wither that would support your reboot.

    Either that or you are trolling which I am starting to think is likely.
  3. UsernameTaken

    UsernameTaken New Member

    i am not trolling trust me. i wish i was trolling and this addiction wazs made up.
  4. Cozmo

    Cozmo Member

    continue with your progress right know in avoiding P
    postpone any ideas to later on

    for me, i would say, give your self a deep breath and draw a chart where youll go if you choose a T or a real Girl, imagine your self when year passes
    imagine being a homo later on, things starts with an Idea...and know.
  5. kevin22

    kevin22 New Member

    But yet you want to fuck a tranny smh thats even more disgusting
  6. syndaren

    syndaren New Member

    This guy starts pointless threads over and over again. If he isn't a troll and you really wish to help him, ignore the stuff he posts.
  7. UsernameTaken

    UsernameTaken New Member

    stop trolling bro
  8. kevin22

    kevin22 New Member

    I'm not trolling man you need help smh
  9. UsernameTaken

    UsernameTaken New Member

    we all need help thats why we are here
  10. CidGuerreiro

    CidGuerreiro Well-Known Member

  11. ryan67

    ryan67 New Member

    Had a transsexual girlfriend. Sex was ok doesn't feel as great as woman. You probably going to be hung up on having a night with one until you actually explore it but i can tell you that it gets old. She was an escort as well. One night i stayed with her and a friend (also an escort) of hers after they got pumped with silicone. I tried to have a threesome with them and ended up pissing off my transsexual girlfriend. Her friend had a very bad cough and would sleep all the time. We took her too the department of health where we was all tested. I only saw my girlfriends results, thinking nothing about her friend since i didn't get a chance with her. A few weeks later after her friend left she told me that her friend was positive for HIV. When i still had her as a facebook friend i could tell she was getting thinner but not to a point where she looked sick. Til this day she is still out there escorting.

    Remember you are not sleeping with one person. You are sleeping with anyone that ever paid her. It is lifestyle that i am far away from now.
  12. kevin22

    kevin22 New Member

    You have more deeper issues then porn addiction bro. Why would you want to fuck a tranny escort for?
  13. UsernameTaken

    UsernameTaken New Member

    do you still keep in contact with your ex gf ts? and you relapsed recently , was it to shemale porn just curious. i could learn alot from you, you seem to have alot of experience with this
  14. sidney1990

    sidney1990 Guest

    damn son, that's a horrible story...

    stay away from escorts..its simply not worth it..the fear confusion etc...
  15. WoLong

    WoLong Guest

    Castration seems to be the only logical course of action here.
  16. ryan67

    ryan67 New Member

    Yes you can PM me anytime or email me. I have a real girlfriend now. I love her so much and i still fap to tranny porn. I did it twice today after dropping her off at work today and it makes me feel awful. I tell myself porn are just fantasies and helps avoid cheating but its time for a real change. It is not worth it too me at this point. I would never judge anyone but its time for ME to give up such things. I will always care about my ex gf ts but i do not talk to her because she is serving time.
  17. UsernameTaken

    UsernameTaken New Member

    serving time? does your current gf know about your tranny past?
  18. SelfControl2013

    SelfControl2013 "Infinite patience produces Immediate results"

    I know the feeling your going through, being pulled by addiction, every part of you knows its wrong but the rush of thinking about getting it its insalely powerful and you just want to say "FUCKIT" and do it any way, knowing it will cause you major pain.

    Here is your 2 options that I can think of.

    you can give in your tempation and go and do it, either youll hate it and feel disgusted, or youll love it. either way you lose. If you hate it, you lose money and feel gross and defeated, then you get tempted to do other shit, if you like it you will have to continue having these inner battles with yourself, and you keep rolling in misery.

    the other option is for you to see through this temptation.

    You say yes " that would be nice but how do I see through this"

    you can see through this by self analysis. You can do this by a friend you trust who wont judge you , or you can do this on your own by journaling about your thoughts and the pros and cons, and be 100% HONEST.

    YOu can do a google search on "Sex addict letters" and try to find some one in your situation that has already made this mistake, and see the other side (how you feel after) now so you get a good feeling of the pain youll be causing for yourself.

    Lastingly if you get a strong urge you have to take an action very bold totally against it, I would suggest go to a sex addict annonymous meeting just for fun, and tell them about this.

    If you need some one to talk to about this, msg me, we can do a skype call.
  19. ryan67

    ryan67 New Member

    No. I don't think i will ever tell her. I think some things should remain in the past but i almost told her about watching tranny porn.
  20. Dude, you already know what a tranny is like.

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