Converting sexual energy into productive activities

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by ssk08, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. King

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    This is an amazing thread - I found the forum through it and there is a lot to learn.
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    Thank you very much for this F.A.Q. friend ssk08.
  3. I want to be a nuclear reactor of sexual magnetism!!!!
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    Great thread. Thanks a lot
  5. nowsthetime

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    About a month into my reboot here and I know my energies and motivation and my masculine energies feel real and powerful, in ways that I had not felt or even knew I was missing, before this time.

    And women apppear very different, and more feminine some how, for sure.

    Not being dramatic here guys...its just how it seems to me these days and its wonderful.
  6. KingMerodach1991

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    I want to bump this thread because it is true. All the great men in history did not fap. You think Charles Martel or Yui fei of China fapped when they weren't fighting battles? Nope. Channeling sexual energy is the way to go. It works. Fapping saps energy. I always felt like shit and tired after I fapped.
  7. stretcher

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    The psychological term for it is "sublimation." It's where you channel your libido into creative activities. Think of Richard Wagner - he sublimated his will to power/libido into his operas. Unsublimated, his will to power would have led him to be another Napoleon.

    This is why porn is bad for society: civilization is founded on repressions. Repressions are what cause us to do one thing instead of another, to have children and get a job instead of play video games all day and look at porn. Porn allows guys to get around the repressions that in previous generations have been what makes men. Our society is obsessed with dissolving repression, and is going to die because of it.

    Anyway, I should have figured a long time ago that all that fapping was killing my musical creativity. The last few weeks off of PMO lead me to believe my body possesses the energy to make me realize the songwriting creativity I've been able to express in fits and bursts over the years. Can't wait to see what a steady diet of no PMO does for my songwriting.
  8. KingMerodach1991

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    I agree when you think of all the greats they never masturbated for hours. They repressed their sexual desires to achieve great things. they were not monks,most of them got loads of women. However they didn't masturbated with the first boner they got. Women gravitated to them because of the achievement they did and the confidence it brought. that is why women today complain their is no real men. Porn has turn men and women as well into perverted zombies.
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    I just stumbleupon this forum and I am amazed by the quality of the posts here. It really helps me a lot
  10. SelfControl2013

    SelfControl2013 "Infinite patience produces Immediate results"

    in my experience having many random sex partners also lead in massive pain very much simliar to porn.

    wasting lots of time, constantly worrying about STDS, breaking girls hearts, feeling attached to girls who i didnt share similar life goals and values... craving sex when not available... Spending so many hours finally when we are going to have sex at 6 am i didnt even feel like havign sex any more so tired.. .smelled like shity cigarettes from the bars, smelling alchohol and hanging out with drunks , superficial conversions, ect ect...

    So bottom line, addiction to any thing outside of me for happiness causes me PAIN and i like to avoid it.

    but as for sex transmutation is an incredible gift and very much my favorate topic.

    it is more than just a "goal" it is a total change of lifestyle, values and goals, diet.
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    Interesting topic that I have come across before. I do have some questions though. I currently doing an 'orgasm reboot', where essentially I abstain from MO for 7 to 10 days then allow myself 1 short MO session. P is strictly off the table. One of the reasons I do decide to allow MO in my reboot is because I dread the flatline. When Im flatlining I feel dead. Attraction to women to gone, motivation to study and workout and accomplish life goals is nil. I currently thinking of replacing the 1 MO session every week to just a M session for 10 mins. This seems to confer to sexual transmutation idea. I mean, if your flatlining, how can you direct sexual energy in productive activities when you dont have it in the first place?
    Im going to give this a real shot, since I have been able to maintain the orgasm reboot schedule with success and discipline for over a month.

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