Considering an escort? Don't, here is why.

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by hope2overcome, May 21, 2015.

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  1. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    Nope, YBOP is about how porn affects the brain from a scientific point of view. I didn't say it had all the answers but "most" ;)

    I didn't link casual sex to ethics in any way. I linked excessive porn consumption to less ethics. That's not the same.

    And I did define what ethics means, quite loosely but it's good enough.

    At least we could be respectful, couldn't we?
  2. fathomer

    fathomer New Member

    you dont give examples of what "less ethics are"
    that's the problem and why your posts are useless
    that's not mean, or whatever "disresepctful" means, that's stating what use your babble is
    porn hurts the brain, but it makes a guy MORE ethical go read YBOP its there clearly! :p
  3. Osa

    Osa New Member

    I'm not aware that casual sex diminishes one's ability to have casual sex, but it could diminish one's ability to not have casual sex, or otherwise put, his ability to control his sexual urges with strangers. This in turn can affect his relationships including his marriage. It can also potentially diminish his ability to have more emotionally intimate sex, or at least affect his enjoyment of it
  4. True, but that is a lesser problem than PIED, which is the inability to achieve an erection for any kind of sex, casual or not.
    My opinion is that having a constant string of real sexual partners will not cause ED as severely as porn, simply because of logistics.

    You can switch and change between dozens of girls, angles, and positions at the speed of light with computer porn. It would be physically impossible to replicate the speed and accessibility of porn in real life unless you owned a harem of dozens of the most beautiful women in the world that were ready and willing to have sex with you at a moment's notice, and to agree to have sex in the most extreme way that you were used to seeing in porn. Such a lifestyle is impossible for most people to experience, compared to porn which is incredibly cheap and accessible to even the most impressionable of teenagers.
  5. Osa

    Osa New Member

    I'd say casual sex is worse than porn (AIDS, unwanted pregnancies, etc.), but maybe it's a matter of the grass always looking greener on the other side of the fence.

    Instead of wasting time debating which is worse, why not acknowledge that both are harmful. Acknowledging that sex is not a necessirty why not just abstain from sex outside of healthy sexual relationships. Simply not having sex of any kind for any length of time has never hurt anyone.

    I'd actually experienced peace after a few months of no sex as I'd learnt to control my libido. I'd unfortunately derailed, but am back on the bandwagon. The feeling of not needing sex was liberating, and that is what I want to get back.
  6. Good point. It isn't helpful arguing over which addiction is "worse". It's a very individual thing.
  7. fathomer

    fathomer New Member

    see that's the thing, causal sex is not relationship sex
    is causal sex better than porn?
    that's the question
    it seems so
  8. mrlister

    mrlister New Member

    So, I haven't read the whole topic since I don't have time for that. I just want to say that I considered visiting a prostitute really seriously and I've decided not to. Here's why
    1. it won't make you feel better in the long term
    2. you can buy something interesting and useful for that money (sports equipment, clothes, shoes, food, ...) and do something useful in that time
    3. you risk contracting (serious) STDs
    4. you need a serious relationship to develop a healthy sex life and improve your mental health in general
    5. you can cope with your insecurities in another way, even if it means getting professional help
    Keep in mind that I'm not talking about moral/religion issues at all.
  9. leannfit

    leannfit New Member

    you want to waste your time and yours because what you mention is in the thread already?
    or are you just bragging how you are so KEWL you dont need to read, you know it all already, so your words are gold and you are above reading what we think?
    your blocked
    good riddance
  10. Choice-R-Us

    Choice-R-Us New Member

    Your points 1) 2) 4) and 5) are based on morality based opinions and no. 3 is probably statistically false (compared to casual sex with strangers). Just a FYI.
  11. leannfit

    leannfit New Member

    hey Cats:
    I agree with what you said
    I see nothing wrong with causal sex, even hookers, sex and relationships arent the samething
    if you had a choice for sexual health between sex with a girl and porn, what's better? a girl otherwise this site would not exsist

    iM having a hard time getting on a reboot roll., it'd help me a lot if you'd tell me the changes you've seen in your erection health? other benifets from you 599 days free of porn?
    has morning wood changed?
    has your bodyfat changed?
    random boners?
    anything you can say that I can keep in my mind to keep me off the porn would be great, thanks
  12. leannfit

    leannfit New Member

    that's not an opinion, its a fact
    pied is becase of porn, not cause you have too many one night stands
    gabe doesnt talk about pied is caused by too much sex, its caused my computers
  13. mrlister

    mrlister New Member

    Do you believe that everybody who cares about their mental health is driven by morality/religion to do so? Also, I'm talking about long term relationships, not having sex with strangers.
    1. and that's the problem
    2. I don't play videogames/watch tv and I do not recommend doing it
    3. some risks are more serious than others
    4. I know, but casual sex won't provide you with all the benefits of a relationship
    5. I don't think anybody should watch porn but I would recommend masturbating without porn fantasy once a week over visiting an escort

    Edited for grammar and quotation
  14. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    I agree with you mrlister. Good points.

    Also, something related: Tinder-induced ED:
    PIED is actually a kind of "sexual novelty-induced IED". It won't happen with casual hookups for logistics reasons, or not as severely, but it can happen with non-porn websites.
  15. leannfit

    leannfit New Member

    what are you saying?
    that looking through Tinder/backpage/craigslist/ hotor not,/ or any site that shows you LOTS of women at once is like looking at porn and can lead to pied?
    if so, I agree 8)
    if you are saying sex with various women, hookers or just girls with low self-esteem. etc. can lead to pied, then I ask for anything that shows too much sex with humans leads to pied
  16. TheUnderdog

    TheUnderdog Active Member Staff Member

    Go ahead and have sex with hundreds of prostitutes.

    Nothing bad will come out of it.
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