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  1. Hope_81

    Hope_81 I am pornoaddicted. I am in trap.

    Hi fellows.

    In this post I would like to share with you some my observations. Last summer I read the great book Your Brain on Porn wrriten by Gary Wilson. I found it for free from this link

    It was told in there something like that the advanced Porn users are no longer addicted to nudity. They become addicted to variety. Unlimited novelty. More shaking and exciding stuff.

    And this dude seems so damn right.

    I suffering PIED almost two years. I am not able to maintain erection by real partner. Viagora and Levitra did not help. However I have never had problems to get boner stimulated by Porn.

    Last year I decided to decrease its using. I removed the edging and decreased it to two times per week, no more tha hour per time. I can say I am in flatline for last two months. This is other theme. As you know part of this process is the low libido.

    From time to time I make some tests to myself and I would like to share the results below.

    - I am not able to maintain an erection if I watch only one video or only one woman. I need to reveres several videos or play video with more than two girls in it in order to maintain and keep erection.

    - I am able to maintain an erection without Porn. I need to close my eyes or go to some dark place and to imagine between 5 and 10 different girls. If I imagine only one, two or even three girls, my penis is dead. No run state.

    I am wondering is it normal process? Am I trained my brain for variety?

    Is there anyone else with similar symptoms?

    Do you think it could be reversible and I will be able to maintain an erection only by one women in the future if I abstain form PMO and accept no fap?

    Your opinions will be much appreciated.

    Than you in advance.
  2. Londoner

    Londoner Well-Known Member

    Your experience matches that of many others, but everyone's recovery varies.

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