Concluding this journey 5 years after joining this forum

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  1. How time flies, eh?
    About 5 years ago i was completely lost in life, as documented in my journal

    Do not read the whole thread, you have more important things to do in life. The opening post will show the desperation and this one will show you the knowledge of this journey.
    I wrote one, maybe two success stories before, when i was fresh off the achievement of orgasming with a woman present. It takes time to get proper perspective on things though.

    Good times ensued. And relapses. And sex addiction. Back and forth to this very day.
    I edged a few minutes ago... hardly a day passes without my touching my cock unnecessarily. Fullblown relapses are rare, but they do happen. Maybe every 4-8 weeks.
    Is it where i want to be? No.
    Is it good enough? Yes.

    A unknown amount of users on this forum have addictive personalities. I`m one of them. Which makes this a lifelong struggle. I`m taking PMO with me to the grave. It`s part of my behaviorial patterns and it always will be, unless i get a brain transplant.
    The key is reducing it enough to the point where it doesn`t affect my life substancially.

    I have a (almost) gf that i`ve been dating for a year. I hold down a full-time job, hit the gym(not enough, but some) and keep my part-time hobby going.
    Sexlife with my girl is great. I`ve stopped using cialis completely (after a freak accident where i blew a vein in my cock. Might have been the cialis but probably not. I used small doses. Doc told me shit happens in life. Ever walked around with a blue and purple looking cock? No? Good, i hope it never happens to you. Dickpics to whoever wants one though, just pm me)..
    where was i, ah yes. I dont need the cialis. My girl turns me on more than i could ever imagine.
    I used to get bored of the girls i fucked, like i needed new novelty.
    So far so good with this one, but we`ll see how the relationship progresses.

    So the sex life part is taken care of, and that`s why i joined the forum in the first place. The frustration and depression of not being able to perform the most primal instinctual urge we carry within us.
    Does it improve quality of life? Yes.
    Does it fix everything in life? Not even close.
    Life has to be some sort of test. It was never meant to be easy for us. It will remain difficult. Then we die.

    In the meantime, i hope you guys at the minimum get this part handled. Recipe follows:
    -Reduce pmo as much as possible.
    -Don`t make it a religion.
    -Rewire as much as possible, as soon as possible. It takes time and it will have ups and downs.
    -You will mess up, don`t make it life or death. Regroup and keep moving.
    -When you do mess up, GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. You won`t binge relapse when you are out in public. It`s bulletproof. Get out of the house. I know you dont want to, but do it anyway. It works.

    And that`s it. Shoutout underdog/G.W. for perhaps indirectly saving my life.
    I`m about to spend my sunday the usual way by, resisting going out, drinking and chasing new girls, and most importantly, not let my hand slip down into my boxers too much
    TNSP signing off. Peace out.
  2. TheLongWalk

    TheLongWalk Guest

    Thanks for posting and the insights you shared. Good luck on your further journey and farewell!
  3. ace1234

    ace1234 A woman simply is, but a man must become.

    Interesting? I guess everyone has their own version of what success means to them. For some people it's winning the race, for others it's just being there and running.
  4. 40New30

    40New30 Keep going

    Tons of wisdom in there, TSNP.

    Forgiveness of yourself, progress not perfection is the goal, when you're down never be alone.
    Tons of wisdom.
  5. Great post and I appreciate how honest you were about your journey. Best of luck
  6. simon1986

    simon1986 Member

    Great post. Thanks for coming back to share.

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