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  1. shattered

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    This is a message primarily for people I've messaged with in that past.
    I have dug very deep into research about compulsive masturbation, and I'm pretty convinced finally, that this is the source of my problem.
    I have a memory of having the flu with a fever when I was 15, and I actually masturbated to alleviate the pain of having the flu. That's a huge clue right there that something was wrong very early on.

    Anyways, I've spent most of my life searching for answers on what the hell is wrong with me, and I believe I'm getting there.
  2. Richard Bell

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    Can you brief me about Compulsive masturbation and about your problem related to this?
    Actually I have not understood your above post clearly what. Could describe it so I could participate in this thread... Thank you.
  3. Mickeymouse

    Mickeymouse Well-Known Member

    Where have the research led you too?

    Have you been able to improve your ed?

    @shattered please respond.
  4. shattered

    shattered Member

    Guys, I haven't responded because I want to write out something thoughtful.
    I do want to say I'm doing VERY well right now.
    The biggest thing that helped me was actually to quit worrying about it. Take a 6 month break from worrying about sexual performance and just chase after your goals.
    I've had some sexual encounters where I truly didn't care if I got it up or not, and it actually turned out great.

    I'll write more later.
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  5. Mickeymouse

    Mickeymouse Well-Known Member

    Looking forward for your writing on the forum.
  6. Dee556pak

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