Cold shower Month! Who's with me?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Stopper, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. bruistof

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    I remember being in this thread in 2013 using a different username (forgot password or I deleted the account can't remember). I started in April and took them all the way up till October and then I stopped because it started getting cold.

    I'm going to start back up again. Seeing all the benefits of this just makes me even more motivated. I usually take my showers at night when I get home from work (11PM). I rather take them in the morning when I get up than taking them at night considering the jolt cold showers gives you.
  2. DancerMan

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    I'm with you bruistof...

    I was around in 2013 and back for more in 2015!

    Cold showers are great but can be hard to deal with in the evenings!

    I like them in the mornings... better than a tea or cup of coffee.
  3. breath

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    have visited this thread before. Just now I read the first post - great specific detail, very compelling. Inspiring.
    I'm a comfy modern type as far as warm baths etc. but will switch to showers and work up to this. Thanks.
  4. anothergoodguy

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    This sounds awesome. I'm gonna go for it!
  5. MartinRocks

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    Hello Guys!

    I have been taking cold showers for over a week now. It's due to the maintenance of water supply system in my neighbourhood. It is very hot in here right now so cold showers seem to be most appropriate. I work out and run frequently so after exercising cold showers are simply wonderful. I don't see any big difference in the condition of my skin or hair so far.
    What I do see is the energy level boosted. After cold shower you come out as an almost different man.

    I don't know if I am able to maintain this routine when the season changes and outdoor temperature becomes lower. But, still it's worth to try it.
  6. leelopez4

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  7. Gil79

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    Just wanted to revive this thread. Lot of benefits from cold showers that can help us rebooters. Myself doing them as they help greatly against anxiety. Don't know why, but just feel energized, calm and relaxed after them and suffer way less from nervous sweating. Check out first post in this thread!
  8. John Powell

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    Tried this yesterday, didnt feel all that great at first but it was alright. Had awful chills, hoping for a more gradual approach next time
  9. Kuhn

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    cool, i will be doing this in the morning from now on.

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