Cold shower Month! Who's with me?

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    CM ACHILLES New Member

    Hey everyone just wanted to share my 2 years experience with cold showers. I have taken probably 2 or 3 warm showers in the past 2 years and that too I couldn't leave the shower or had to go back in to end it with a cold shower because my skin felt horrible. I will never go back to taking a warm shower. Cold showers are literally an ADDICTION for me! I take 1-2 ICE cold showers every day. I am excited to share my experience and some of the benefits.

    The first time I tried this 2 years ago, I got really sick for a week. My immune system was too weak to handle the sudden change. I started off ice cold, literally all the way to the end. Luckily, I had the will to try it once more and stick with it. Once I got over the sickness, I took a light cold shower, and gradually increased it over time.

    I literally have fun with cold showers now! I have tried so many variations! Here are some cool ones:

    -if you want to improve your blood circulation (regulating blood pressure, blood cleaning, oxygen reach), start ice cold and wash all over for a minute then switch really warm for a minute and cycle back and forth and make sure to end with ice cold. You will have cycled so much fresh blood and oxygen your skin will be flushed all over and you will feel REALLY GOOD.

    - work out and take an ice cold shower for 10 minutes! YOU WILL FEEL LIKE A SPARTAN AFTER AND JUST IN SO MUCH RELAXATION.

    My mood is always better! My skin is literally glowing no joke lol You will never need skin cream again. I feel bad for girls sometimes because they take warm showers which opens up the pores and leaks essential oils and then they put on makeup. That is why so many women have accelerated aging and it shows. Dudes will really enjoy the fact that you will never bald and you will actually grow your mane more fully! For those who have taken cold showers for only a short period of time or haven't really gotten to the ice cold stage (5-15 minutes straight ice cold for over 1 year at least), you still have not attained some of the LONG TERM benefits. It is simply ridiculous. When I think of people taking warm showers I literally am dumbfounded. It's torture! You ever notice how you want to never get out of a warm shower and dread it when you do? Not with cold showers! It has literally changed my life. I used to be balding, now my hair is thick, silky and jet black. My skin feels tighter, softer and it just gets better month after month. When I was 23, I looked like I was in my late 20s. Now that I am 25, I get ID'd everywhere and people say I look 21 at the most. My advice whenever I see people and they say things like, "I'm balding, I'm too lazy, my skin feels like crap etc. etc. I always say the remedy to everything, in my experience is cold showers.

    THE BEST TIME TO TAKE A COLD SHOWER IS THE WINTER. I hear people say that they stop taking cold showers in the winter because its too cold. When the taps are frozen, that is the PERFECT time! It's colder! The BEST TIME IS WINTER! I have not gotten sick in 2 years. The one time I thought I was sick I was just light headed and felt tired for 6 hours, nothing more. I am sure my immune system is very good because I can step out in freezing weather with a t-shirt on and be laughing. I went to the goddam WINTER CLASSIC in Ann Arbour and had a sweater on while everyone was reeling from the weather. I was just laughing. Something about cold showers just made me a more powerful, highly immune human being. It is the best thing I have ever done for my life literally! That is why I stress that you stick with it and you will hit a point where you will realize that after 2 or 3 minutes your body warms up and then you ENJOY staying in the cold shower and you start singing out loud and laughing uncontrollably cuz it feels so fucking good. ENJOY!

    CM ACHILLES New Member

    Oh ya forgot to add for males you will notice that you are HIGHLY POTENT lol. You will literally notice, no point in me describing further. You will be very horny because you will be very potent. Make sure you have a girlfriend- get her to take cold showers. She will be more horny than you! You both will be budding with youthfulness.

    Also, your workout regiments will be better received by your body. You will notice all facets just kind of come together- no other way to explain it really.

    CM ACHILLES New Member

    Zurich, I am your savior. Take the fucking cold showers- ICE COLD. Your shit will be so potent you'll have to make sure to use bed sheets because the shit will not unstick, I kid you not.

    CM ACHILLES New Member

    Spydez, if you have insomnia, cold showers is the answer. If you take a nice cold to freezing shower (depending on how used to it you are), 20 minutes before you sleep, you will have the best sleep of your life. Ideally, you should take a 5-10 minute ice cold shower in the morning and once before you sleep. Please try and do let me know if you see results.
  5. spydez

    spydez New Member

    I really love the bond or Scottish shower with the variation of 5-10 mins hot and 15-20 mins cold. Although, I'm going back to the cold shower again cuz I started breaking out after a long time. And I'm not sure if it was the "hot" or the "high pressure" of the water, but that popped a zit i didn't want popped, it pissed me off so much! Because I know popping it makes it worse, scarring etc. (Sorry bout the TMI) but yeah I will do morning work outs with cold showers. ...Also CM ACHILLES, your skin argument's really selling me. Wasn't sure about the sleep thing...but I'll try it. I'll report back in 2 weeks and maybe again in 30 days. Thanks man.
  6. zorofriki

    zorofriki New Member

    Guys one of the advantages of cold showers reportedly is improved blood circulation. But could that also cause ED concerns? Half-past a year now i've been practicing a combination of hot/cold showers. I start on hot and finish on cold. But i have noticed that my genitals shrink and ache after a cold shower. Could it really mess my circulation for the period between baths?

    CM ACHILLES New Member

    You are probably doing too much hot water and then trying to cover it up by doing cold in the end. The cold water should be at least 75% of the time. Also, always END with cold. Try not to aim the faucet directly at your genitals area and thighs- that is too much stress. Cold showers have vastly improved my potency and better blood circulation should help down there as well. Do not stress your body too much and slowly get rid of the time spent under warm water!
  8. zurich123

    zurich123 New Member

    I'm doing the cold showers right now in the winter time in Switzerland. Granted it hasn't been that cold yet. I have measured the water temperature. I'm comfortable with about 15 C. That's not all the way cold.

    If I only use the coldest setting the water is around 10 C. I can't handle that cold yet. I'm working on it, but my body so far has adjusted to about 15 C.

    I still have to get "pumped up" before jumping into the cold water though. :) I will do either push ups or hit my fists in the air like I'm boxing.

  9. spydez

    spydez New Member

    Oh yea I always end with cold. Feels weird if I don't. I have the goal with 75% longer cold, 75% of the time I do. But I enjoy the hot a little too much sometimes and have the cold rushed out quick when I'm running late.
  10. zorofriki

    zorofriki New Member

    To be honest that's the case. I'm mostly doing HOT water. Like i water myself up for 2 mins with HOT water, and close it up. I then proceed to rinse my head and facial hair. I open the water on HOT again and wash out the shampoo for an additional 4 mins. I then close it off again, wash my whole body with shampoo. Open faucet, do a light wash-off with HOT for 30 sec, and then wash my body with COLD for the remaining 2-3 minutes. So all in all i get like 6,5 mins of hot and 3 of COLD at best. How would you guys recommend i change this? Maybe only water myself up with HOT, and then wash both head and body with COLD so the ration is reversed?

    Also is it normal that at days when I'm restless and feel weakened i can sense my back shivering after the COLD of the shower and I'm afraid of catching some cold.
  11. The sensation after you step out of a cold shower is awesome! When i step out of a warm shower i usually just wanna get into my clothes ASAP, but after a cold shower i feel way more relaxed and composed. The hardest part is washing your torso and you basically feel the shock for 2 seconds and after that your body gets used to it.
  12. MitchConners

    MitchConners Member

    I have read this and it is hard, especially in the winter. I will do it.
  13. totallyyours

    totallyyours Loyalty, honor, and a willing heart

    Just recently I stepped out of my cold shower on a cold day and I actually felt hot. I think it was my blood pulsing through my body. I didn't even want a jacket.
  14. WillGrit

    WillGrit New Member

    I live in Canada and have been taking cold showers for about 2 months now. By cold, I mean freezing water, the knob turned all the way to the coldest setting.
    It is -25 deg. C (-18 deg. F). I just went out in a shirt and a normal jacket. Felt completely fine.
    I see others around me with layers and layers of clothing, a scarf, a hat, ear muffs, the whole nine yards.

    Now I am wondering if I am physically ill, or if I haven't been out in the cold for long enough to feel cold, OR IS IT REALLY THE COLD SHOWERS working their magic?

    Anyone else feeling unaffected by the cold winter, because of their cold showers?
  15. xkcd42

    xkcd42 New Member

    Me too man, I love hot shower...
  16. spydez

    spydez New Member

    so far a week in, its been really good! just cold! ...and it's the easiest after a workout! My skin "appears" to look better, yet i'll wait and see the long term effects, i'm a bit skeptical. But hopefully, im wrong. i'll report back in a month.
  17. -Luke-

    -Luke- Active Member

    I take cold showers since Monday. Even in this short time my skin looks better. I have light acne on my back and I hope it will improve even more.
  18. zorofriki

    zorofriki New Member

    Is it ok to cold shower when sick? I'm fighting a cold this week, and have put off the cold while showering.
  19. zorofriki

    zorofriki New Member

    OK thanx, i guessed as much, and i will continue doing so. Is this just a logical assumption btw, or medically relevant? Thank you.
  20. Sound fx

    Sound fx How bad do you want it? GO GET IT THEN.

    Wow this is awesome... I am definitely going to make this a permanent habit. Things like these I love... All you have to do is change your routine a little bit and see incredible benefits.

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