Cold shower Month! Who's with me?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Stopper, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. Roronoa Zoro

    Roronoa Zoro Guest

    Just took my first ACTUAL cold shower and it was incredible. Going from the point of not being able to put a finger in to transitioning into being able to just stand under the shower head and endure the uncomfortable sensation was overwhelming.
  2. Batter up

    Batter up New Member

    Wow.. thanks for posting mate!

    I believe the hair part, look at alot of less fortunate asian countries who have to rely on cold water - they have awesome hair :)

    Its cold as fk here, not sure if im ready for this.. im already stressed out with the no fapping thing :-\
  3. sicazoR

    sicazoR New Member

    I DID IT FOR THE FIRST TIME! AWESOME! When I put my legs in the cold water I was like 'i'm not gonna do it' but I said to myself 'I have to do it' and I got in without thinking. Put some cold water on my legs, chest, back and that was it. I was able to stand up and do it. It really wakes you up! I also got a sens of achievement because not many people do it and I was pretty happy that I tried. It might become a habit. Thanks!
  4. Tennis

    Tennis Member

    I've been doing these for a few weeks but by just having my normal shower and doing around 30 seconds of cold at the end. Not sure if this counts but it certainly livens me up in the morning.
  5. totallyyours

    totallyyours Loyalty, honor, and a willing heart

    Tennis, you're on the right track. Soon you'll be pouring buckets of ice in the tub.

    It's official. I'm almost positive my shower switches to luke-cold temp after about 1 minute. I get my chill at the beginning and then it's just cool. Still love it though. Feels more primitive and natural than scorching hot.
  6. Vorag0

    Vorag0 Guest

    i've been taking cold showers since Thursday. Brrr. They really do wake me up though, more so than my morning cup of coffee.
  7. Soundman

    Soundman Time is the single most precious commodity

    A cold shower month? Why not a cold shower life? ;)

    Personally I take 1-2 cold showers a day, one before going to school and another before working out. Sitting for 10 minutes with as-cold-as-possible water puring all over the body stimulates my metabolism so much, that I often suddenly feel hungry as soon as I walk out. Not even to mention the increased energy and better immune system.

    If you haven't taken your cold shower today yet... Get off your ass and do it! Trust me, you won't regret that. :D
  8. NightsWatch

    NightsWatch Member

    Well that settles it, he said to take a cold shower today so I will. I did go skinny dipping in the pool though, that felt amazing when I dived right in. I felt like a true blooded native warrior. It's 8:30.... I'll take a cold shower then eat something afterwards I suppose. This time I'm just going to get right in rather than my normal prep. (Put only my head under then stand with one leg hitting the water, splash water on my other parts, soap up... then when I'm completely soaped up I get underneath it and within seconds I'm loving it.) Let's do this!
  9. Brunevii

    Brunevii Something I try to teach all my boys..

    I recommend mountain streams. They're cold even in summer. In scout's camps we always, on non-rainy mornings washed in those. First lather-up and then a ritual four second immersion (usually as a push-up into water)...

    It was..interesting. Certainly it was an experience that definitely woke one up..
  10. TimeForAChange

    TimeForAChange Starting a journey for a new life!

    How cold are you suppose to shower? I tried it a few times so cold that I shivered and had a hard time breathing.

    As of now I usually start out hot and end with a cold shower to the point where it doesn't feel so extremely cold. Is this right or wrong? Should I just start out cold and not use hot water at all?

    Anyway I am willing to give this a test for a month!
  11. Brunevii

    Brunevii Something I try to teach all my boys..

    You have to make yourself 'calm down' from the initial shock and hold yourself still. The body wants to shiver, but that reaction is pointless.

    The water shouldn't be near freezing though - that can be actually harmful.
  12. totallyyours

    totallyyours Loyalty, honor, and a willing heart

    Sudden drop in temps here! Had to do warm showers the past two mornings, also didn't do my morning workouts. With the workout, cold showers are fine at any temperature.
  13. sambob99

    sambob99 Guest

    I take a nice warm shower after my workout, then crank it to the coldest setting and do my warcry till the shock passes :D
  14. WillGrit

    WillGrit New Member

    This is how I am looking at it now.
    Humans have existed for ball-park at least a million years now.
    Hot showers became available to everyone (in the developed world) only since the last 100 years.
    So for almost a million years we have been taking cold baths in streams.
    Our body is designed for cold water.

    Besides the health benefits, a cold water shower feels like cannon-balling in the swimming-pool when I was 8. Just plain AWESOME.
  15. Anonymoose

    Anonymoose New Member

    I think I may actually try doing this. I normally have my temperatures quite high, but all of these facts you have posted actually made me want to freeze every morning! :p
  16. WirelessCrab

    WirelessCrab The only easy day was yesterday

    I'm in!
    Tried it for the first time. Gotta admit, after reading the title of this thread I just dismissed the idea. But went back and read how amped everyone was.
    I'm in freezing UK and the thought of a cold shower at this time of year sounds redonkulas....
    But the thing I love about this site is everyone supporting you to get out of your comfort zone.
    So...turned on the shower. Lowest setting...pushed my hand through the water and thought "no's too fucking cold..." Grabbed my ipad and fired up some motivational music, set it on the counter and just JUMPED in, balls deep. It was sooo hard to breathe, my muscles all tensed, my wiener shriveled up, I screamed and roared like a little girl but it WAS AMAZING
    felt like a real rock star after it was done. Never again a warm shower, the cold shower feeling is too euphoric. I've never shouted "WOO!!!" with a hot shower and I wanna start my day with a "WOO".
  17. spydez

    spydez New Member

    I didn't read all of this thread today. I'm a bit fatigued mentally and physically, in the final fringes of insomnia, but a quick question none the less, do bond showers count? In the beginning it used to strictly be hot showers for me, but lately for the past 3 years, I alternate between bond showers and cold showers. Or just cold showers if the heat was out. Anyways, most currently it's just been a habitual pattern of bond showers for me, I may switch it up again but I just find the James Bond style much classier. It's also a bit easier for me to relax in the beginning with the therapeutic warmth and then get the chilling rush in the end to wake me up. So, another quickie question: is the Bond shower equally effective? Or are the optimal results in the cold shower? I apologize in advance if the answers were already addressed.

    *Bond showers: Starting the shower hot and then ending it really cold as done so by the James Bond character in the Ian Flemming novels.*
  18. totallyyours

    totallyyours Loyalty, honor, and a willing heart

    My understanding is that Bond showers are beginner level. There could be benefits but not as much as a solid cold shower. When I don't have time to work out and it's freezing in my house, I'll start warm and gradually get to cold. But I usually shower after running or working out so the cold shower feels great year round.
  19. zurich123

    zurich123 New Member

    I started doing cold showers in order to raise my testosterone level which is low. I read about it on another web site. It really does feel invigorating! I feel very much alive after a cold shower.

    I plan to do this for 90 days and then get my testosterone level checked. I'm doing a lot of other things to raise my T levels like better diet and exercise.


    CM ACHILLES New Member

    Hey everyone just wanted to share my 2 years experience with cold showers. I have taken probably 2 or 3 warm showers in the past 2 years and that too I couldn't leave the shower or had to go back in to end it with a cold shower because my skin felt horrible. I will never go back to taking a warm shower. Cold showers are literally an ADDICTION for me! I take 1-2 ICE cold showers every day. I am excited to share my experience and some of the benefits.

    The first time I tried this 2 years ago, I got really sick for a week. My immune system was too weak to handle the sudden change. I started off ice cold, literally all the way to the end. Luckily, I had the will to try it once more and stick with it. Once I got over the sickness, I took a light cold shower, and gradually increased it over time.

    I literally have fun with cold showers now! I have tried so many variations! Here are some cool ones:

    -if you want to improve your blood circulation (regulating blood pressure, blood cleaning, oxygen reach), start ice cold and wash all over for a minute then switch really warm for a minute and cycle back and forth and make sure to end with ice cold. You will have cycled so much fresh blood and oxygen your skin will be flushed all over and you will feel REALLY GOOD.

    - work out and take an ice cold shower for 10 minutes! YOU WILL FEEL LIKE A SPARTAN AFTER AND JUST IN SO MUCH RELAXATION.

    My mood is always better! My skin is literally glowing no joke lol You will never need skin cream again. I feel bad for girls sometimes because they take warm showers which opens up the pores and leaks essential oils and then they put on makeup. That is why so many women have accelerated aging and it shows. Dudes will really enjoy the fact that you will never bald and you will actually grow your mane more fully! For those who have taken cold showers for only a short period of time or haven't really gotten to the ice cold stage (5-15 minutes straight ice cold for over 1 year at least), you still have not attained some of the LONG TERM benefits. It is simply ridiculous. When I think of people taking warm showers I literally am dumbfounded. It's torture! You ever notice how you want to never get out of a warm shower and dread it when you do? Not with cold showers! It has literally changed my life. I used to be balding, now my hair is thick, silky and jet black. My skin feels tighter, softer and it just gets better month after month. When I was 23, I looked like I was in my late 20s. Now that I am 25, I get ID'd everywhere and people say I look 21 at the most. My advice whenever I see people and they say things like, "I'm balding, I'm too lazy, my skin feels like crap etc. etc. I always say the remedy to everything, in my experience is cold showers.

    THE BEST TIME TO TAKE A COLD SHOWER IS THE WINTER. I hear people say that they stop taking cold showers in the winter because its too cold. When the taps are frozen, that is the PERFECT time! It's colder! The BEST TIME IS WINTER! I have not gotten sick in 2 years. The one time I thought I was sick I was just light headed and felt tired for 6 hours, nothing more. I am sure my immune system is very good because I can step out in freezing weather with a t-shirt on and be laughing. I went to the goddam WINTER CLASSIC in Ann Arbour and had a sweater on while everyone was reeling from the weather. I was just laughing. Something about cold showers just made me a more powerful, highly immune human being. It is the best thing I have ever done for my life literally! That is why I stress that you stick with it and you will hit a point where you will realize that after 2 or 3 minutes your body warms up and then you ENJOY staying in the cold shower and you start singing out loud and laughing uncontrollably cuz it feels so fucking good. ENJOY!

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