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Discussion in 'Ages -19' started by Cody, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. Cody

    Cody Guest

    Hey everyone, my name is Cody and I'm 15 years old.

    I guess you could say that my porn addiction began when I was 11 years old. The first time I experienced masturbating was when I was watching some late night T.V. show with hot girls dancing around and whatnot. Started rubbing it, and I'm sure you can guess what happened next.

    At first, I was really scared at what happened, and I never wanted to do it again, but a couple days later I found myself doing the same exact thing. It's almost as if I had no control over my body and my brain was forcing me to do this.

    The next couple of years were filled with looking at anything I could find on the internet. At first I would only look at pictures, but it quickly escalated into watching videos. At one point I started getting attracted to hardcore stuff, but soon after that I started making an attempt to stop.

    I believe my first attempt to stop was when around the time I turned 15. I made it about a week, then I went back to it. I felt pretty disappointed and after that I was able to go 12 days and then for some stupid reason I decided to go back to PMO everyday. That was the longest I've ever made it since my recent attempts at quitting.

    I discovered a thread on the misc section of around mid-October and I can proudly say that I have not gone back to PMO everyday like I was doing. When I first saw the thread and saw many others trying it, I decided to go ahead and get in on it. I figured it would be a lot easier doing it with others than by myself.

    The first couple months were probably my best. I could easily go 10-16 days without PMO, but these past couple of months, I haven't been doing too well. I've been relapsing quite a lot lately, and my average PMO abstinence period is about 4-5 days now. I have no idea why my numbers dropped so drastically, but I plan on improving them. My main goal is to quit for life, but I realize that just saying "I'm going to quit for life!" doesn't really work out so well. I now realize that I need to plan smaller goals in order to succeed.

    My current goal is to make it until I turn 16 which is in about 10 days. I don't plan on relapsing again after that, but going further.

    Good luck to everyone here on this site. Together, I know that we can overcome this addiction.

    2/23/12 - Day 1
  2. TheUnderdog

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    Hello fellow miscer!

    What's your main reason for quitting porn?

    How is it interfering with your life?

    You gotta have a strong reason to quit.
  3. Cody

    Cody Guest

    I've always felt like it would be the right thing to do. I never really thought watching P or Ming was a good thing to be doing, but I just couldn't stop myself.

    Also, I have no desire to waste my energy on such a thing. And after experiencing the benefits, I never want to go back to PMO.

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