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Discussion in 'Ages 40+' started by Clovis6, May 17, 2020.

  1. Clovis6

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    Day 44

    I was intending to meditate Last thing at night as a means to ward off fantasies. However, I came up with a better idea. I went for a body scan instead. I’ve demonstrated this body scans To groups of folks a few times, so I’m quite familiar with it. Basically, starting the left foot, I put my attention and it and then slowly work my way up the left leg, (angle, lower, leg, knee, upper leg) putting my attention on each part. I then move to the left hand and do the same for the left arm.

    After that I move my attention over to the right side of my body, and slowly move my attention down the right arm, into the right leg, before finishing in the right foot. Finally I put attention on all arms and legs simultaneously and keep it there for a while. This particular body scan doesn’t include the head or torso, as those areas are where nearly all strong sensation, emotion, and thought are located.

    I thought this body scan would be useful, as it is a means of putting my attention away from my head, where the fantasies start, and also away from my groin, where I might react to the fantasy. So it is helping to cut the fantasy off at the source and also eliminate the reaction. I am going to practice this every night so that I am ready for any fantasies if they reoccur. It is also a great way to fall asleep!

    I am not concerned about fantasies appearing during the daytime, as I’m busy doing stuff and so I just don’t have time to keep my attention on them. However, the body scan can be done at any time, either standing, laying down, or sitting, so if need be I can do it then too.
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  2. Clovis6

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    Day 45

    I did the body scan again last night, and I think that it’s now going to become a part of my night time routine. I find it very relaxing and it will also be interesting to explore it in more depth. More importantly that that, it also came in useful last time in warding off some fantasies that started to pop up.
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  3. Gil79

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    I do the bodyscan quite often as well. Another one I really like is the 3-minute scan, in which you focus 1 minute (appr.) on your body (where do you feel tension or pain), then 1 minute on your emotions (are you happy, angry, sad, etc.), then 1 minute on your mind (are you calm, are there many thoughts or even urges) and then you ask yourself the question: 'what do I really need most right now?).
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    Thanks! I’ll try that.
  5. Clovis6

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    46 Days

    I’m not sure when I’ll get to see my girlfriend again physically, as we live in other countries and can’t travel at the moment. So I might have at least another month to keep working on my reboot before I get the opportunity to be with her again. I find that helps strengthen my resolve.
  6. forlorn

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    It's a horrible feeling when you start to lose your muscle gains through inactivity - but at least you're doing something about it. It could be a while before the gyms are allowed to re-open (shared changing rooms, poor ventilation, everyone touching the same equipment and surfaces). I'm doing press ups at home but they only work the chest and triceps. Need to look into these body weight exercises that you mentioned.
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    Hi Forlorn,

    There’s a whole bunch of exercises to work all of the body. I think that there’s sometimes a debate about gym vs non-gym, but I stay out of that (like I’m staying out of the gym!)

    I like this guy, Al Kavadlo, a lot:

    He has a great energy about him.

    He also uses climbing frames, whatever is to hand that can serve as equipment. There are a couple of really small parks near where I live, and I sometimes go there early in the morning/late in the day to use the climbing frames etc when no-one else is around.
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    Day 47

    The fantasies seem to be diminishing in intensity but I have to remain vigilant about them. I’m thinking of adding another small exercise session last thing at night to tire myself out a bit more. That combined with either/or meditation/body scan should send me off to sleep and not leave me laying in bed and more prone to fantasies.
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  9. Clovis6

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    Day 50

    Busy with work stuff over the last week, so didn’t post. I should make this my #1 priority, so I want to get back into the habit of daily posting.
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  10. forlorn

    forlorn Well-Known Member

    Hi, thanks for the link. I will check it out. I quite like going to the gym but I reckon it could be a little while before they reopen due to covid, everyone touching the same surfaces, shared changing rooms/bathrooms, with poor ventilation etc. I have a few dumbbells at home but they actually belong to my wife - they're ridiculously light and in bright girly colours (not that it really matters I suppose).

    How's your week going so far? Yeah I think getting back into the habit of daily posting is a good idea, it can help us to maintain focus.

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