Chronic Prostatitis. I Have it. Do You Have it to?

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by EJohn7439, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. EJohn7439

    EJohn7439 New Member

    I went to a urologist today. He checked my prostate (it was not pleasant). He found my prostate to be the size of a 55 year old man's. Problem is that I'm only 24. He diagnosed me with nonbacterial prostatits, and prescribed me medicine. He said it is fixable. It is important to note that I had real medical issue that could have been affecting my sexual health in addition to PIED. I think I developed this condition from years of over masturbation. I would recommend to any guy here who has felt pain in their pelvic/rectal region, has weird urinary symptoms (such as frequent urge to urinate, or who has experienced painful ejaculation see you doctor, ask him about prostatitis, and get your prostate checked. It's time to get your butt in gear.
  2. bosseau

    bosseau Guest

    Did you tell thw urologist abour your mssturbation habits? I wonder if too much MO is the problem then would the prostate return to normal size with long term abstainance?
  3. EJohn7439

    EJohn7439 New Member

    Good question, I didn't mention it.
  4. King

    King Never give up.

    Let us know if your meds work man, I'm suffering from the same thing I'm pretty sure.
  5. bosseau

    bosseau Guest

    What meds are/were you on?

    I"ve had a suspected urinary tract infection which manifested shortly after a pmo relapse a few weeks ago. The antibiotics havent worked though so assuming it could be a prostate issue rather than a UTI.
  6. NeedsHealing

    NeedsHealing New Member

    Yea I have prostatitis.... I'm still on antibiotics but I have a sinking feeling its from years of PMO :'(... I'm so conflicted between what to do... I am def off the p for good but I hear conflicting things about curing prostatitis and mo.... anyone cured this dreadful thing please don't hesitate to advise
  7. LeWeaze

    LeWeaze New Member

    Dude, two months ago when I was still beating my dick like a rented mule, I had to piss every five minutes. I'd hit the bathroom and do two drops. Five minutes later, I'd swear I was about to piss myself again. Go in, do two drops. Sometimes, I just had time to wash my hands before the urge was so bad, I had to try and piss again. Sometimes, when I really did have to go, it was just a misty stop and go stream. It would take me three minutes to empty, and I'd have to wipe the toilet down because it looked like I used a garden hose on the shower setting. And, five minutes later, I felt like I had to piss again.
    About two weeks into no PMO, I'm back to pissing like a boss! Love it!!!
  8. TrainingTheDragon

    TrainingTheDragon New Member

    I find this to be my case as well. Pissing very frequently and weak streams at that. I'm hoping the reboot will fix this for me.
  9. LeWeaze

    LeWeaze New Member

    It fixed me right up after only a couple weeks.
  10. King

    King Never give up.

    Doing some research, it seems like prostatitis can cause ED problems/lack of morning wood...

    I want to go to the Doc to get a prescription for Cipro, but I ain't letting anyone stick their fingers up my ass. Anyone know if you can just tell them the symptoms and have them test your urine and they'll give you a prescription for it ?
  11. bosseau

    bosseau Guest

    They might want to do the test in case it is something else
  12. EJohn7439

    EJohn7439 New Member

    It's my opinion that it's not a big deal having him stick his finger up your butt for two seconds. Think about it, he's probably done countless prostate exams before, so it would not be weird at all for him. It's only as weird and awkward as you make it for yourself. Plus if he does the prostate exam, he can tell you how big it is, how bad it is, and what the best course of action is to treat it.

    Also, I would ask him about an anti-inflammatory, and Flomax in addition to the Cipro, which is an antibiotic. getting all three of those would be a more aggressive course of action and will probably help you more than Cipro alone.
  13. Mickeymouse

    Mickeymouse Well-Known Member

    How are you doing now. The same question to others who were diagnosed with prostatitis how are you guys doing?
  14. Two things:
    - regulate your sexual function. Easier said than done, I know. Means no more PMO, MO, or M. Ejaculate during intercourse only
    - use a prostate massager. Look up the aneros.

    Stay away from meds if you can. You limely don't need them if you follow the above.
  15. Imfree

    Imfree Active Member

    I don't know much about these kinds of medical issues, but I may have had similiar issues to some extent. I don't even know the terms, but my taint area has been prominent and hard, especially in erection. I thought that this was from doing to many kiegels during PMO. This was some way to create a sensation of intensifying the arousal, but ultimately it feels physically damaging and reduces pleasure. I'm trying to relax and enjoy a true erection rather than forcing it.
  16. spoofy

    spoofy Active Member

    Take saw palmetto it helps a lot, always avoid meds if possible, and stop dry edging (MO is fine, it's edging that screws up your prostate).
    You can do whatever you want, but that's what worked for me.
  17. YourBrainRebalanced

    YourBrainRebalanced Administrator Staff Member

    @EJohn7439 any update on this? How's it going?

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