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  1. Ncuca

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    I started 2 weeks ago with this no PMO without knowing. I'm also having problems with the ED. yesterday i just discovered all this about no PMO, while i was about to relapse hehe, so i started reading the front page and some post you people have made. So i regain some courage and didn't fapped, But still it is really hard, it's been 2 weeks and i feel really horny and i just want to cum.

    I have watched porn since 14-15 years old, and now i'm 22. i am really shy, i have never had a gf, i lost my virginity at 21 with a hooker and to be honest i think it helped me alot. i have been hiring hookers and i have noticed that i'm more confident with girls, but the problem is that im noticing that sometimes is hard for me to keep an erectiion, sometimes i dont feel anything or i just get bored so the thing start to get soft. I thought by myself that it could be porn, because well i used to watch it everyday because i just love it, and apparently i wasn't that wrong.

    I still need to check more info, i dont understand well the dopamine info. but i will keep with no PMO to change my life. During this 2 weeks i have watched porn videos like 3 or 4 times without masturbating, but i do have surf the web for pictures of hotties, is that wrong? i have done this everyday, it kind of help me to calm the anxiety for porn. i have to admit that i am an addict, and it will be really hard to stop looking at those pictures.

    I also want to know if taking alcohol and drugs affect the proccess? i drink alcohol just on weekends and sometimes i also take ecstasy on weekends. i know drugs are bad, but i just like the effects on a party, plus it make me talk alot and meet woman. sometime ago i noticed it was getting out of control cuz i was taking like 4 pills per weekend, so i stopped. 1 month passed and i started again, but just half pill or 1 maximum and not every weekend.

    PD. english is not my native language, sorry if there is any error in my writing.
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    You are having trouble keeping your erections when you are with real women because you are looking at so many hot women each day on the internet that you have desensitised yourself. How can just one woman turn you on as much as 20 internet chicks doing all sorts of sexual acts? I'm not going to go in to detail explaining this to you because there is lots of information out there already.

    Watch this video:

    and check out this website:

    Anxiety? I think you may find that heavy porn use and masturbation is actually the cause of your anxiety. Lots of people report that their anxiety goes away once they stop for a few weeks. Also, after reading many peoples journals (someone correct me if they feel I am wrong here) it seems that the majority of people find it easy to stop looking at the porn; its the masturbation that's hard to stop.

    By the way, I used to be very heavily in to drink and drugs. I used to think that it was the alcohol that gave me erection problems. Since I have stopped PMO I am finding that slowly my erections are getting stronger and I can keep them for longer. I often binge drink at the weekends and I used to do drugs but recently I stopped because I was getting memory problems.

    Have a good read and I think you will agree that it's a good idea to at least try quitting the PMO for a couple of months to see if it helps you :)
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    you are right, i have to stop it if i want my libido back. being home alone will be the problem, but i think i can do it, i know i can.

    these last 2 days i have had morning woods, which i cant remember when it was the last one i had when i PMO'ed everyday, so i think i have maked progress this two weeks.
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    Today i tried to avoid watching pictures, but when i was on facebook, i did watched some but i closed it fast and tried to focus on other things. i felt tired all day, really tired like if i didn't sleep last night. went to the gym and there were some hot chicks, and i couldn't avoid to look and fantasize, but nothing happened down there.

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