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Discussion in 'Ages -19' started by forevergone, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. forevergone

    forevergone New Member

    19 yr old male.
    been looking at porn since 12.
    had ed for about 2 years not knowing what the cause was.
    tried no PMO a few times but failed.
    got to 8 days then relapsed, which was just so sad.
    currently on day 4, almost relapsed today but then fought it off right now.
    need to change for the future, im a jacked good looking guy who should be getting pussy haha
    felt really good after those 8 days, my dick started to feel alive

    plan is to go 60 days no PMO, 56 days left to the journey
    glad to know im not alone, fighting this addiction is a bitch.
    addiction- kanye west, best song.

    stay strong, good luck i will keep u all updated.
  2. forevergone

    forevergone New Member

    FML RELAPSED AGAIN. at 5pm today, after my relapse i said to myself i really dont need this shit anymore.

    back to day 1, im fucking done.

    and done thinking about sex too, im done

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