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Discussion in 'Ages 30-39' started by ChangeBetter, Jan 19, 2020.

  1. ChangeBetter

    ChangeBetter New Member

    I am 37 years old. I suffer a lot about the porn both in mental and physical. Although I quit the masturbation for 7 month, I still have a lot sexual fantasy.

    I am sick of it. I want to change. That why I am here to face the problem and say it out.

    I had a lot of sexual fantasy.I think to have sex with a lot of female. Film star, school fellow, teacher, neighbour, colleague. Also, for someone I don't know, e.g. woman in bus or train, woman just walk in the street, waitress, sales of shop. I would think to have group sex with them. This mind is more strong when I lie on the bed in the morning and night.

    My penis is keep erection but I just no masturbation.

    Sexual fantasy is a porn addiction for me. I had this addiction for 25 years. I determine to change it.
  2. ChangeBetter

    ChangeBetter New Member

    Today, I can wake up and leave bed quickly. I do not stay on the bed to think porn.

    Wake up and leave bed.
  3. ChangeBetter

    ChangeBetter New Member

    Today, when I get horny, I go play game. Let my attention from fantasy to another stuff.
  4. ChangeBetter

    ChangeBetter New Member

    I had made my day full of stuff. Playing TV game, Working and Sport made me no time to fantasy.
  5. ChangeBetter

    ChangeBetter New Member

    I am sorry. Today, I had the fantasy on bed for half hour. I can know that it is wrong. But, I don't stop it. I am weak.

    But, it would be the next start. I will make a long period for that.
  6. -Luke-

    -Luke- Well-Known Member

    Don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s tough to stop a decade long behavior. Do you watch porn nowadays or is fantasizing your main problem?

    Welcome to the forum by the way!
  7. ChangeBetter

    ChangeBetter New Member

    I forget that it is a decade long behaviour. I made too much pressure.

    In past day, I feel sad. I found myself when I get negative feeling, I will get fantasy easily. I would stop it. Go for it.
  8. ChangeBetter

    ChangeBetter New Member

    I found a hard time. After a week of NO fantasizing, it out of control. It go back to.

    I get a lot of pressure on it. I think it would make me too hard.

    I would change. I would schedule to change the decade long behaviour.

    Now, I make a 3 day quit plan. I would make myself stop this for 3 day. Then, make 1 day relax. After that, make 4 day and relax.

    Reduce the bad behaviour by 25% first. It would better than every day.
  9. ChangeBetter

    ChangeBetter New Member

    Never give up.

    One small step, keep going.

    I keep remind that I stop fantasizing. I have some kind of improvement.

    The time in fantasizing is reduced.
    When I recognised the fantasizing, I talk to myself "that is OK, but just 10 minutes each time". I don't try to do anything, but keep my eye on the clock.

    Sometime, it will have more than 10 minutes. I feel relax in the issue. Today, I think about "what did my fantasizing yesterday ?". The answer is great, I do not have any fantasizing yesterday without remind and intervention.
  10. ChangeBetter

    ChangeBetter New Member

    At very beginning, I want stop forever. But few days, it gone.

    Then, I plan to stop for certain period (e.g 3 days). But few days, it gone.

    Then, when I feel horny and just let it go but remind myself control the fantasying time to 10 minutes. In 2 weeks, it is good and keep my mind clear.

    To stop the decade long behavior in few days is very difficult. A little bit and little bit is correct way.
  11. ChangeBetter

    ChangeBetter New Member

    I have a good time for few weeks. But recently day, I lose my control. I go to watch a lot of porn.

    I go to watch the guide of prostitute and related sex movie. I get lose.

    I understand that it is difficult to keep a life-long. I need to recovery right now. After that, I hope I can maintain for 2 months before next sexual fantasy.

    Also, I do not smoke. I do not drink alcohol. I also can do it for sexual fantasy

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