Cham's Story: I don't know who I am anymore

Discussion in 'Ages 20-24' started by Chammorrow, May 10, 2013.

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    Though I honestly haven't really tried Nofap in a while, I have actively chosen to use porn. But I believe that its doing more harm than good
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    Hey man,

    Always nice to see some old time rebooters around (even though I wish it was an issue of the past for you). You have seen different crowds here on the forum, haven’t you? It’s not as busy as it was a few years ago.

    Anyway, welcome back. I hope you manage to get a grip on your addiction. If I read correctly, you don’t have ED, right? So you must be here for other reasons then. I would be curious to hear about those.

    Good luck, friend, and take care.
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    Thanks for stopping by. Been active on this forum for almost a decade, there has been a lot of different crowds on here, and it was definitely a lot more active - I would easily be posting on here twice a day every day..and the community expanded to be more than just fighting porn, it truly was self improvement. Those were very important developmental years for me.

    I really do hope that 2021 is the year that I don't PMO..

    Correct, I don't suffer for ED and never have. I don't seem to have any physical ailments from PMO. The reason that I want to stop is because I cannot accept being a slave to something. Being addicted to porn has affected my judgment in so many ways, the way I view and act towards women, my productivity, and my must be eliminated
    at 27 years of age - I can keep dealing with this issue. Granted like I said in previous post, I did stop trying to reboot for some time, but I am back again. and Hopefully this time is the charm.
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    Cham, that is AWESOME that you are about to get your doctorate. Wow, time has certainly flown brother. You've gone from being a freshman in college all the way to being seasoned and educated. I'm proud of you, man. It's also good that you've allowed your roommates to stay with you. It's always good to have people around that you can socialize with and be cordial to rather than isolating yourself.

    I empathize with what you say about wanting a brother. When I was young, I had a foster brother who I considered to be just as close as blood and he taught me a lot about life in the years he stayed with my family. He was older than me by a few years and as I reflect; the overall picture of my family life began going downhill when he left us. Just by him being with us, I had an older sibling -- without really trying, he taught me how to socialize and have fun/be fun. I owe a lot in how I am able to be friendly with people in social settings to him. Once he left, I started struggling for guidance once again -- I saw him a few days ago and just straight up told him how I felt about everything and how mad I had been at the time for him leaving us (but he had his reasons).

    And y'know, man -- there is indeed still a light at the end of the tunnel, though the journey has made us weary we remain tenacious. YOU are a tenacious man, my friend! That's a lot of willpower, determination, gusto and discipline. You are mentally tough. This porn thing won't beat you.
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    ace1234 A woman simply is, but a man must become.

    Sup Cham just saying hi. I'm still failing and relapsing but I'm giving it another go.

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