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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by black_mask, Feb 1, 2015.

  1. black_mask

    black_mask Guest


    Well I've just joined this forum but couldn't find how to truly participate in it until I found out about these duels and so this idea came across my mind.
    Anyway I don't know if I'm in the right section but I need someone who just started no PMOing so that we both encourage each other and see who can last longer. We'll also give news about how we're managing ourselves through this addiction and give advices on how to fight the urges.

    It doesn't have to be only two persons, anybody is welcome ;D
  2. Sepultera

    Sepultera New Member

    I'm in ......I am new here too, I am done hiding and I don't want to creep through this life anymore.
  3. black_mask

    black_mask Guest

    Hey welcome Sepultera,

    Glad to have someone in.
    Yes, that's how things are supposed to be, this life is meant to be lived at its fullest while always looking up and moving forward.

    Let's beat this together.
  4. Sepultera

    Sepultera New Member

    okay I will update my progress after 6 hours
  5. black_mask

    black_mask Guest

    I'm almost on my 4th day. It's going well for now. I'm actually feeling like I'm on day 20 without porn. I'm feeling free, I'm working out, reading a book, eating healthy, running, taking cold showers and I'm up for new things :D
    And all these occupations are helping me get away from porn, so as long as I keep doing them I'm fine.

    I get sometimes some flashbacks but they feel like something from the past and which I will never experience again.

    It's just getting started though, the real challenge hasn't begun yet ;D
  6. Sepultera

    Sepultera New Member

    I created a diary where I write down the dates and cross them after the day is gone without MO. this keeps me focused and I have started to keep track of my progress from july 2014 and so far I have noticed that my longest abstinence streak was 6 days. things like this really tell you that you have messed up your brain bad. PMO addiction has been with me for more than 10 years and I know now its gonna take some time to destroy it open in the field.

    @black_mask:- 4th day is when I start to get sidetracked. you are doing great.
  7. black_mask

    black_mask Guest

    Crossing the dates is actually a very good idea. It's symbolic. Your mind will see it as an achievement as well as a step forward and a farewell to the past each time you do so. Keep it going.

    It's the same for me, I've been having this addiction for almost 11 years.
    I went for a little more than 20 days without PMO once with intermittent fasting and working out everyday. So the first thing I have to do is to beat my previous best then I will hopefully keep going.
  8. Sepultera

    Sepultera New Member

    Videos for some change and will also make you think.

    Prince EA - The World is Coming To An End

    The Most Astounding Fact - Neil deGrasse Tyson

    Joe Rogan - Be the Best You
  9. black_mask

    black_mask Guest


    I'll definitely check them out ;)

    I've been a little moody today and the day before. I'm not thinking at all about PMO, I feel detached from it. But these ups and downs may be some sort of side effects. And I'm sure that it's also because I haven't been working out the last 3 days. But I'm okay, I've actually thought that I had to try a few days without physical activities to see if I'll manage myself.

    I see you relapsed a day ago. Can you talk about it ? It may be helpful to both of us. Good luck to you this time, I'm sure you can make it, just try to understand why you failed before and how to overcome it the next time.
  10. Sepultera

    Sepultera New Member

    thanks for asking Man. It happened because I was alone, not sad alone but alone in a room with my laptop. after that I didn't even touch my laptop. I felt bad after that but atleast I didn't watch porn and that makes me feel a little bit proud of myself.

    BTW I am reading The Autobiography of Malcolm X. its a good read. books like this helps me not too think too much in a certain way and I don't know why. I was searching for books to read then I stumbled upon a video where Immortal Technique recommended this book if you are a negative person.
  11. Sepultera

    Sepultera New Member

    I have felt these mood ups and downs and have read about it much. as far as I know about them is that our brain Doesn't know about the world that we are creating. it is so used to living the lifestyle that goes with the flow of mere impulses. so it is trying to understand/adapt the new life that we are creating.
  12. black_mask

    black_mask Guest

    Yeah spending too much time on the computer can lead you to watching porn. I just had a -two days no computer-, it was actually because I spent too much time watching series that I wasn't having good nights sleep. But it sure helped a lot with porn !

    I believe any progress, even a little one, is a success. So just keep them in mind and try to have a better result next time. Even though I'm convinced that the best way (not the easiest one) is to deal with this at a one and only time and give it all you can to beat it.
    Either way, keep it going ! Reading books is very helpful and it doesn't have to be 'instructive' books or self-improvement ones, even novels can cheer you up and make you leave the bad habit ;)

    I see. This seems very logical. Then all we have to do is to make our brain understand that we're done with that lifestyle. Like deleting an old version of a software and installing a new one. Thanks man :D
  13. Sepultera

    Sepultera New Member

    Don't mention It. I wish I could talk but I try to keep myself busy in early stage. anyway I will give an update after 6 hours.
  14. black_mask

    black_mask Guest

    Yeah just do that. Do whatever it takes and you feel best to keep away from it. Be brave :D
  15. Sepultera

    Sepultera New Member

    I don't want anyone to look at this Thread and think this Place is dead
    so lets Liven This place up.

    as I told early in my posts that after 3rd and 4th day I automatically get sidetracked
    took a nap afternoon and woke up with some erotic thoughts. but now I know how to make them go away or sometimes turn them into nothing yes I said nothing. the only thing you have to do is get out of bed and on your feet. now focus on the now, where are you now?, are the thoughts coming in your head are really happening in front of you literally? ofcourse NO. its the Chemicals in your brain. Ofcourse it is not easy for some people to dismiss these dreams as just a figment of imagination. you have to learn your way through it not around it. stare them right in the face and literally say that I am not afraid of this, going to be ruled by this and react to this. I prefer reality over this and soon all that fog will go away and soon you will look around you and there will only be your bed, your books, your dreams. one last thing I want to add that I have learned this method through meditation and no I didn't chant any God's name I just focus on myself when I meditate, I focus on what kind of impulses I react to? what gets me frustrated? why do I react to certain thoughts? things like that.

    some people don't accept what they have done or to what they have escalated. this above method is only for those who have accepted their mistakes and forgiven themselves.

    this post was close to my heart. seriously I never felt anything like this when I was typing this one.

    the more I will learn the more I will share in this place.
  16. mickeytee

    mickeytee Guest

    Hey can I join too? Some accountability would be nice.

    I didn't watch P , but for the last two days I've felt a bit low and fapped. Today it was upon waking up from an afternoon nap.
  17. Sepultera

    Sepultera New Member

    Ofcourse man this place is yours
    don't worry about what you had done. its done. let it go.
    the time to start is now.

    anyways I will update after 6 hours I gotta get myself offline.
  18. black_mask

    black_mask Guest

    Welcome mickeytee !
    I'm happy to have you among us :D
    I noticed that many people on this forum shared the afternoon nap urges. I personally rarely sleep on that time of day even though it is very healthy. Try to plan something to do after you wake up from the nap, like working out or reading a book, whatever you enjoy doing, it may be studying as well. More importantly right now, after you relapsed you should avoid thinking about it and porn, it's very tempting to do it again after a relapse so hang in there. And I congratulate you, even though you did relapse you stayed away from porn which is a progress ;)

    Thanks for sharing Sepultera, it's really inspiring when someone finds his own way to deal with the urges. Meditation can be a very useful tool to overcome an addiction. And if practiced regularly it may lead to self-enlightenment and a perfect understanding of ones own emotions.

    How about we fasten the pace a little bit and start a challenge to welcome our third partner ?
    Let's try to abstain for 5 or even 10 days if you're up to it ? ;D
    I'm feeling detached from porn for the time being but I'm feeling a bit lazy so having you go through this with me we'll encourage me and motivate the three of us.

    And again. Everybody is welcome. This is an "open challenge" and I'm also open to new ideas :D
  19. Sepultera

    Sepultera New Member

    its been 3 days and 10 hours since I MO'd. this challenge would be till I reach 8 days and 10 hours. so lets Do this.
  20. Sepultera

    Sepultera New Member


    Like I said before its the dreams try to get you. I woke up right before between wet dream right before I was going to ejaculate which was weird. then I had to Urinate. after this there were no urges.

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