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    Hi all, this is my first post here. Since the age of 9 I remember watching the nude channels on Sky (UK) this eventually went onto watching porn on the internet where my interests went from purely girls and gradually got worse and worse until all I would watch is shemale porn.

    My relationship recently ended with my long-term girlfriend due to many issues but a main one was me being emotionally unavailable due to any issue in my life such as anger, stress or anxiety would lead me to PMO'ing to this type of porn and would ruin any chance of intimacy with my girlfriend.

    At the time I didn't see the issue with what I was watching but since then I have found the nofap subreddit and saw what people struggle with such as brain fog, PIED and loss of attraction to anything outside of virtual and I want to use this to get my life back and be the best person I can be.

    I'm currently 13 days into my nofap experience, I believe I flatlined from day one as the only urges I get are knowing if I load up porn I will get the feeling but it will not get me fully hard due to desensitization. I'm at a point where I find all types of porn stimulating and have had irl experiences with a guy and a girl (seperate instances) was unable to maintain erection in both.

    I have a question to anyone that might be able to answer, I am unsure if I am bi as the only way guys interest me is when I am feeling 'Hypersexual' outside of this I have never felt emotional or romantic connection to them and only get these feelings towards women. I long to have an emotional connection with women but struggle due to anxiety and feelings of not feeling good enough which causes me to get stuck in my own head when I talk to them. Whereas with guys I find it easy to flirt over text but sort of get "what am I even doing here" in my head if it is getting sexual in person. Does anyone know what this might mean?

    Plan to update this whenever I can.
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    You could be bi or straight, this will depend on you and you alone as it will depend on how comfortable you are with the other person. Go through with the NoFap and see how it goes, if you still have sexual urges toward both at the end then you will get to decide
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    A common experience for people addicted to porn is the escalation to more and more extreme types of material because the other stuff stops giving you the charge and excitement it originally did. So, to get off, you need something even more extreme to get the same level of excitement to achieve O. It is just like an addictive drug that requires more and more of the substance because you become accustomed to it.

    This could be something to consider and that should be considered as a separate issue from sexual orientation.

    The more you learn about PMO addiction, the better you will be able to answer a multitude of questions.
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  4. This is it man, I just didn’t know how to add it without sounding like an ass :)

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