Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

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  1. Ralph McDonald

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    What causes erectile dysfunction?
  2. FUBB

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    In addition to the answers you will get on Google, this community recognized a condition called porn induced erectile dysfunction (PIED). Assuming you have come here as a porn addict wanting freedom, your PIED will be addressed by stopping porn, masturbation and orgasm (i.e. PMO) for as many months as it takes until your brain has "rebooted back to factory settings". The time period can vary a lot Ralph, but if you have complete abstinence, the average recovery time is 6-9 months, approximately.
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  3. Kevin Nobles

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    Hi.. I'm agree with the above mentioned point given by Mr. Paul, all this matters during erectile dysfunction and also Premature Ejaculation.
    -Porn addict
    -Over masturbating,
    - Alcohol, are also few reason which cause ED and PE.

    "Super P Force " can be called as dual purpose medication which not only treat ED but also treat premature ejaculation. It contains Dapoxetine and Sildenafil Citrate ingredients into it. Where Dapoxetine deals with the premature ejaculation, and Sildenafil Citrate treats the problems of erection in men. This medication need to be taken as 3 hour before the sexual activity with light meal.
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  4. Kevin Nobles

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    Hi.. In my last post reply I've mentioned about short brief about "Super P Force" and its uses like how its work, dosage, ingredient included, its best for ED and PE,etc.
    I would like to add about treatments only for erectile dysfunction. There are treatment explained by many experts as physical therapy , medication, meditation, etc.
    According to physical trainer there physical exercise design only to cure men's personal health issue.
    Meditation, YOGA, helps to relax the mental stress, depression, etc.
    Now a days we need treatment which shows quick result as per the situation occurs medication does it work in few hours. For the instant positive result i have found few famous medication which are mostly prefer by many men's. I would like to mentioned few medication which have result best into market like as Caverta, Generic viagra, Tadalafil generic, kamagra oral jelly, etc. All the mentioned medication work great and must be chosen according to person to person health condition.
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  5. Richard Bell

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    Porn addiction and rebooting yourself may take up to 3-6-9 months as per the medical research previous data. ED can cause due to many reasons like depression, overconsumption of alcohol, Masturbation. Unhealthy diet, Overweight, etc.
    Daily exercise and avoiding masturbation may help you ED disorder.
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  6. John Ball

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    Where do you think sex with a girl factors into recovery? Surely, actual physical intimacy and contact with a girl can’t be a bad thing for re wiring the body to see human contact as a normal thing and not masterbating??
  7. John Ball

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  8. axebattler

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    If you want to read a lot of opinions on this subject, take a look at Your Brain on Porn.

    You may find that a strict hard mode alone is enough to do some serious rewiring.

    Anyway, hope the YBOP articles are useful to you. I'm not a fan of everything written on that site, but there is some good stuff there.

    This article is good for example:
  9. John Ball

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  10. Richard Bell

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    Yes, George, I agree with what you said.
    Anxiety, Depression, Stress are the causes of ED but I have as per my knowledge masturbation is also the one cause of ED or can say More for PE. The early ejaculation may happen due to losing control over the mind. The early ejaculation and the losing erection also occurs due to over masturbating.

    The ED medication i.e Vidalista 10 mg is the correct dosage to overcome such male sexual disorder.
  11. Mickeymouse

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    Can such people recover and get normal erections to have penetration without medications?
  12. Guts

    Guts Active Member Staff Member

    lol Yes you can Mickeymouse

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