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Discussion in 'Ages 25-29' started by casco, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. casco

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    I'm 28 now. I think i have been masturbating since 12yo. Got internet at about age 14 and started looking at porn almost daily. At age 22 when in the army i had several one and 2 week periods of no pmo but immeadetly when i got back at home i pmo'd. Then again pretty much daily until age 27. I even had a girlfriend for 5 years and she was my only sexual partner. She was hot but i left her because i didn't feel satisfied with her. I didn't know it was because of porn.

    After leaving my girlfriend i was about 1,5 years without any sexual partner, even though i am a good looking guy and i went out almost every weekend. Girls would occasionally approach me but somehow they new there was something wrong with me. Then I decided to reduce my pmo. After that i changed as a person. People started asking "what happened to you" and comments like "you have so much more self confidence". I started getting a LOT of attention from girls and with my improved self confidence i had more and more sexual partners. At one point this winter it was at a rate of almost 1 new girl per week. But i was still pmo'ing about 1-2 times a week and i had ED. Then i found YBOP and instantly knew porn was the reason for my ED. Now i have decided to completely stop porn and masturbating. Now i have been 11 days of no masturbation but slipped to porn 4 days ago but didn't MO.

    Also i've decided to leave the one night stands and find my self a girlfriend.

    I've been feeling the flatline for a few days now. A bit depressed. My mood has been changing a lot lately. Sometimes i feel very good but most of the time a bit depressed. Hope it will get better.
  2. casco

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    17 days of no M or O

    3 days of no P (almost relapsed)

    Here's how it's been after quitting P:

    day 1/15
    felt almost ok. mild depression, mood swings, insomnia

    day 2/16
    some morning wood. absolutely horrible feeling of depression, loneliness, anxiety. No desire to watch P.

    day 3/17
    some morning wood. a bit of depression in the morning. later that day it got better, only very mild depression. No desire to watch P.
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    Good work, casco. On the P relapse, you should feel good about the fact that you didn't reward your brain with MO.
  4. casco

    casco New Member

    Yeah. Though i felt really depressed after watching P. But would have felt a lot worse with MO.
  5. casco

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    day 4/18

    Morning wood again. Had a sexual dream but no wet dream. I never really had any sexual dreams during PMO times.
    Today there has been no depression. Felt an urge to look at some softcore photos.

    day 5/19

    Felt quite horny in the morning. Felt like i wanted sex, not so much need to look at porn. My mood has been very stable the whole day. No depression. I'm waiting for the weekend so i can meet some girls at the nightclubs. When walking downtown I have noticed some really hot girls out there these couple of days. Somehow my "sight" gets better with no pmo.
  6. casco

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    day 6/20

    No morning wood. Depression is gone. Mood is still very stable. Some desire to watch softcore.

    day 7/21

    All same as yesterday. I watched some photos of nude models but i didn't really get very turned on by it. Didn't watch porn. Maybe i'm having a flatline.

    day 8/22
    I feel a bit depressed, i was drinking yesterday. Went to a nightclub but i didn't feel attracted to the girls. Libido is down. Hope it gets better until next weekend.
  7. casco

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    day 9/23

    Still no morning wood. Some depression in the morning. Felt better as the day progressed. At evening i felt pretty stable. Starting to get cravings to watch softcore.

    day 10/24

    Now i had morning wood. Feeling pretty horny. Also quite a bit of desire to MB . Watched some nude images but didn't MO. It's getting really hard not to M.

    day 11/25

    Morning wood. I'm feeling very horny, this is getting quite difficult. Mood is pretty ok, i don't feel depressed. I saw some nice looking girls outside and i really get the feeling i want to fuck them.

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