Can't stop staring through the corner of my eyes (social anxiety)

Discussion in 'Social Advice' started by johnny59, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. johnny59

    johnny59 I will break free from PORN ADDICTION.

    Hey guys, so lately I've been having this problem where i stare at people through the corner of my eyes constantly which is very irritating and annoying and it's making my social anxiety much worse. I am not doing it on purpose i just don't have any control over it. Whenever i sit on the bus or in class beside someone, i constantly stare at them through the corner of my eyes and they get uncomfortable which makes me anxious. I try to focus on what is in front of me and just tries to forget all about it but whenever the one sitting beside me moves or does something i start to think they are getting uncomfortable because of me and gets more anxious. This problem is affecting my daily social life and i don't know how to stop it, i can't even sit beside my friends and watch a movie or something anymore because they are starting to think i'm weird because of this problem. i am actually afraid to go to school tomorrow. And one another problem i'm starting to notice is that people constantly look back to see if i am staring at them whenever i sit behind them on the bus, like WTF, all i am doing is looking out of the bus window. You might say maybe i am the one who is over thinking stuff like that well believe me im not, i even try to not to care as much as i can and look out of the window the whole time but they just keep looking back and it's soooo annoying. so what i wanted to ask is do you think this has anything to do with porn addiction? the reason im saying that is because since this problem is linked to social anxiety and since porn addiction causes social anxiety or more like makes it worse i thought this might have something to do with porn addiction but i am not sure. Another reason to why this might be linked to porn addiction is 3 weeks ago when i started rebooting i saw some improvements on this problem.

    Please i really need help with this problem. This is very serious.

    Excuse my bad English!
  2. ChrisHaven

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    Sounds like an obsessive compulsive disorder that is a side effect of your social anxiety.

    I have three suggestions:

    1) If its out of hand and preventing you from leaving you home- seek professional help
    2) Try and fix it yourself The key is to find out the root of your disorder- in this case, constant "side-eye". When you discover the reason why you do it, its much easier to let its go.

    You fear "something" which causes you to take negative action ("side-eye") due to something that happened in the past. This "thing" that happened anytime in the past is the root cause of your OCD. I recommend reading the book "psycho cybernetics" by Dr Maxwell Maltz- in fact I recommend it to every porn addict.
    3) You say there was some improvement when you were some way into your reboot. You should focus on what brought improvement on the quickest-your reboot
  3. JW86

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    Hey Johnny59,

    I'm wondering if the following link might be of use to you:

    The Guided Meditation there deals a lot with tension/paranoia in the eye/face area, and relaxing it.

    If you have some luck there, you might enjoy some of the other guided meditations on offer.

    (I'm not an affiliate or anything, just having some use with this site recently)

    Might be worth a shot!
  4. Mike555

    Mike555 New Member

    Lol, same problem here... exactly the same, i remember i was looking out of the bus, i saw some girl in my periphal vision, she was sitting next to me, and then she looked at me.. i know why she looked at me, it's also related to social anxiety..

    When i see her in the peripheral vision, my eyes move automatically, that person notices your quick eye movement away and from here he can know you're starring at him, just because of your eyes movement (Body language), for example if you wouldn't move your eyes at all, he wouldn't look at you, you gotta also be natural.. well it's too hard for me, i can't control my eyes.. and i also tried everything..

    i'm also going to kick porn addiction, i seriously think porno caused my social anxiety.. i have low dopamine.. very low. i'll try quitting porno and see how it goes!! but the problem is that I gotta wait too long!! i swear i won't watch porn!! this ocd totally ruined my life, i can't cope with it in the army.. i can't sit, it's horrible to sit in bus station, on the bus, even inside my family!!!! ruins my life totally!!
  5. Aagamjain

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    Hi guys suffering for almost 3 years now. Now it's too much I remember the good days when this was not even a thing. That friends that girl(one sided love) it was all real can still feel it but it's all gone. I can't live all my life with regret and I think it's better to end life. That regret that anxiousness that suffering every second just drains up your fucking life I think it is better to end and I still love her but can't come closer to her. Coz I know that innocent eyes of her won't judge me like other people do but would get hurt and I dont wanna hurt her. Just saw something right now that time doesn't heal anything it just teaches you to live with the pain. I love everyone I don't wanna hurt them I seriously don't better to get Outta this shit!!!
  6. breath

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    Looking at people is a beautiful thing to do. It's better to look them in the eye

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