Cant mainatin erection and weak morning erection

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by kheri, Nov 11, 2020.

  1. kheri

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    Hi Guys i am 27 years old male ,i am suffering from Ed ,which is caused by masturbation to porn ,7 month back i had no problem i had no issue with maintaince of erection .Now since march i cant maintain erection in standing ,my dick goes soft in 5 to 10 seconds ...i went to urologist he said it is pschylogical ,in setting position i can maintain it with hand other wise without manual stimulation i cant maintain it ....simple means i cant get arousal in standing position ....I watched porn and masturbated since 7 years now i am facing this issue plz help me if anyone know why i am losing erection in standing ,i am so worried after 3 i have to married ,Ed pill is working for me but i dnt want to rely on Ed pills ,.....Anyone knows why this is happening plz help me thanks
  2. Rebel

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    how long have you been away from porn?
  3. kheri

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    3months away from porn and having no libido
  4. Hope_81

    Hope_81 I am pornoaddicted. I am in trap.

    Hey Buddy,

    Why you do not try Viagra or Cialis? Sometimes they work. If not probably you need more time abstaining.

    Take your time.
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  5. Rebel

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    There is nothing in urology books called PIED. If there is nothing wrong with your anatomy (eg: leaking veins, etc) then it's psychological. Some Ed pills have a very rapid onset like 15 mins, so you could use it on demand when you're not able to maintain an erection with your wife. You might want to consult another doctor but don't expect a different advice. As @Hope_81 said, the best thing to do is to wait.

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