Cant achieve/stay erect without manual stimulation.

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  1. blindedbyfear

    blindedbyfear New Member

    I'll just get straight to the point guys. Been on nofap for almost a year now. My PMO addiction is long gone.

    In order for me to achieve an erection I need to be sitting down and fap or receive oral. Once I start to get hard I reach orgasm extremely fast if oral/sex is continued without even achieving 100% hardness. If manual stimulation stops or I change positions, I lose my erection in 10-20 sec immediately. Same with my morning wood. Getting a condom on is very difficult since I lose hardness asap. I need to get touched in order to achieve a good erection, but even then I doesn't stay. Have to ve stimulated physically 100% of the time.

    I noticed I kegel/tense leg muscles to achieve an erection when I am manually stimulated. Always thought this is normal.

    Anyone else experiencing the same? What is the root of the problem? Conditioning? How does it go away? Been clean for a year and still haven't healed. I'm afraid simply stopping PMO for me isn't gonna cut it.
  2. biggleii

    biggleii Member

    The great thing about condoms is that it allows people to have plenty of sex without worrying about unwanted pregnancies for the most part. Something past generations may not have had the luxury of doing.

    The bad thing about condoms is that they are kind of unnatural. Think about it. Nature did not intend for us to have to reach for a condom - opening the packet, trying to figure out which side goes on top, rolling it on - before finally beginning intercourse. Is there any other species that does this before procreating? So is it really a surprise that many guys lose their boner in the process of putting on a condom?

    So anyway, if you have a problem with losing your erection with the whole condom thing, my tip is to get the condom ready (get it out of the packet, figure out in advance which side goes on) then when you get nice and hard (make sure you are really hard, not semi-hard) quickly grab and slip the condom on quickly and start having sex. I find missionary the best position to get going quickly.

    Otherwise, you can maybe get your partner to give you a BJ or HJ while you have the condom on till you get hard.

    Anyway, I hope you guys learnt something useful today.
  3. Myt

    Myt New Member

    I feel as if I'm in the exact same boat as you. I've been on noFap for around 5 months. I feel as if my addiction is gone as well. Whenever I would attempt to have sex, my erections were weak and did not last very long. The worst thing about that was if I attempted to penetrate I would orgasm instantly without being fully erect. I just decided to masturbate to sensation once a week and in-between sessions I would follow gameover's guide found here:

    Help Guide: Guys with PC Muscle and Pelvic Floor Conditioning Issues

    I'm still on the fence with edging during masturbation sessions. I have heard that edging can help with premature ejaculation but I'm still hesitant. I want to because I definitely trained my brain to orgasm as fast as possible during my PMO days and now I have to condition against that. Overall though, I do believe that this is a pelvic floor conditioning issue and should be resolved within a few weeks/months of re-conditioning.

    Definitely let me know how this pans out for you or whatever you choose to do as I am in the same boat!
  4. RebornAgain

    RebornAgain Beating my addiction one day at a time.. Staff Member

    Edging with masturbation without porn sent me back into flatlines. Just my personal experience. Maybe it works for others?
  5. blindedbyfear

    blindedbyfear New Member

    I get that too. Uncontrollable orgasm even when I'm not even 100% hard. Erections need constant stimulation or they don't happen. Something is wrong for sure
  6. Evolution

    Evolution Member

    I have the same problem. I think this is due to excessive ejaculation and death grip over 15+ years of PMO. I've not PMO for over 3 years but the problem hasn't gone away.

    Not sure if this can be fixed tbh. The only solution might be to rub one out before seeing a lady and then take a viagra just before sex.
  7. Recovered

    Recovered Member

    Yes, could be due to conditioning issues.

    Edging and/or hard and/or fast MO will cause the need of constant manual stimulation.

    Suggestions :

    Leave your dick completely alone except for cleaning it and taking a leak. That means absolutely NO touching.

    After a period of this, do Gameover's PC-muscle reconditioning .

    You can also try SLOW, loose and lubed masturbation without orgasm or edging.
    Keep your buttocks, thighs and abdomen.relaxed and loose.
    Mimick intercourse by thrusting your hips forward and "penetrating" your loosely formed fist which should be lubed up (baby oil, olive oil or almond oil is fine).
    Use your non-dominant hand.
    Do this for 10-15 minutes every now and then.
    Try changing "positions" to help recondition for real sex.
    Helped me be able to penetrate and also helps with reaching O too fast.
  8. Etwin

    Etwin New Member

    99% of sexual arousal is mental. You gotta stop thinking about your erection man. Focus on your lady, feel her against you, in your hands, look at her, visualise her and the rest will come naturally (pun not intended but hey, if it works). You know you need to stay hard for intercourse so concentrate so much on it, it doesn't happen.
    I used Vi**ra so I can focus on the other stuff and my cock will take care of itself.
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