Cannibal Cop story

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    I read where some guy, a cop, in his 20's in NY just got convicted and may spend life in prison on account of the fact that he was going onto crazy fetish sites, including ones that involved cannibalism...all fantasy, supposedly, and then he started getting into chats about it with other guys and talked about killing and cooking his wife, her friends, etc... I read thru the stuff, and heard how the guy used to be an ok guy, just fine, or normal, but over time withdrew socially from his wife, stayed online all nite and went deeper into the bs, it struck me how this guy is really nuts and was going to go tnru with all of this, as the jury believed, or he is a classic case of a guy hooked on porn, who escalated or descended into this extreme sexual fantasy, which is what he claims it all was....

    Arguably, there was plenty of evidence that it was indeed all a fantasy, a sick one, because he never hurt anybody or had been in trouble before.

    His wife found info on the laptop they shared, took off with the kid, and called the fbi, and turned it over to him...thats how it came down on him.

    I really think its an example of how extreme porn addiction is.

    Sad story.

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