Can video games and apps like Tinder affect the reboot process?

Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by BailHope, Nov 13, 2015.

  1. BailHope

    BailHope New Member

    Hello everyone,

    I have a question about the reboot process and the effects of stuff like video games and apps like Tinder on the reboot process.

    Let me explain. I've been rebooting hard mode for 33 days now. It's been hard so far, but I'm managing. I noticed pretty quickly a great increase in motivation, concentration and energy, which was great. Lately though, I've been waking up feeling depressed, without any sort of motivation. This is special, because I normally wake up with loads of energy. But now, for a few days, I've woken up feeling a bit depressed. During the day, I notice I have the hardest time concentrating on anything.

    I happen to notice that this coincides with moments of using an app like Tinder or OkCupid intensively. Also, I started playing one of my favorite video games again. Do you think this is affecting my dopamine system in the brains, actually causing damage to my reboot. Should I avoid the video games and Tinder/OkCupid?

    Mind you: I play the video game like three hours a week. Tinder is used to meet some people and chat a bit. I'm not swiping hours left and right (but I do feel an urge to check Tinder like every five minutes).

    What do you guys think?
  2. Loleekins

    Loleekins Nemo repente fuit turpissimus

    Why in the world do you feel the need to check this every few minutes? Sounds compulsive. :-\ I'd never get anything done doing this. Do you have a job or go to school?
  3. What you're describing is the classic 'surge' (energy, drive, motivation, confidence) followed by a flatline. It's supposed to happen, because rebooting isn't linear in nature.

    Also, yes, anything that's artificial will stymie your progress, the extent of which will depend on how much you indulge those stimuli.
  4. BailHope

    BailHope New Member

    It most definitely stymied my progress. Today, I almost relapsed. I noticed the next things, in order, after starting to use Tinder compusively for a few days.
    [list type=decimal]
    [*]compulsive use of Tinder. Constant novelty of watching women (even though they are all dressed properly).
    [*]my objectifying of women returned. I have been porn free for about three months. During that time, I noticed that my view of women has definitely increased and went back to something normal. No more objectifying. And now, after a few days, I actually heard my own thoughts and was surprised what I was thinking.
    [*]Today, I almost relapsed. I was just checking my Tinder app, and a few minutes later, I was somehow on an escort service site, checking out the girls. I had escalated already. I closed the site and didn't do anything with it, but man, this is scary.

    So I'll be removing that app again from my smartphone. It must have triggered me somehow. I'm just glad I had the willpower to walk away from it.

    Thanks for letting me know the 'surge' is normal though!
  5. John Thevan

    John Thevan Guest

    I'd say tinder is more hazardous because it's kind of like the "next best thing" when you are looking for a girl or guy. It's a similar mechanism to pornography.
  6. yohoho

    yohoho New Member

    I'm definitely compulsive with my Tinder-use.
    I can spend hours on end there sometimes. I even bought the premium version just to be able to swipe limitless.
  7. breath

    breath Member

    read your original post. it answers the question you asked.
  8. SwimAddict

    SwimAddict New Member

    OP, if your're still feeling urges and compulsions (which I'd assume you are if you're on here):


    It did terrible things for my recovery. Video games are a personal trigger like crazy for me as well.
  9. Agreed. Tinder, like porn, excessive gaming, compulsive net use etc.. is just one of many poor habits of modern life which develop ADHD symptoms based on a desire for instant gratification, when really a reboot is about cultivating positive, constructive habits which contribute towards you growing as a person. Giving up porn and fapping but spending the free time on Tinder instead will do little to aid that imo.

    Net/smartphone use is ultimately at the core of dopamine imbalance. There are a million things on the net that can replace the dopamine imbalancing effects of porn.
  10. NUbegennings

    NUbegennings Member

    I was actually thinking about buying the xbox so I can play video games instead of watching porn. Is that a bad idea?
  11. Bucketter

    Bucketter Guest

    yes it's a bad idea, instead what you should do is buy a Ps4 or PC
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  12. Webdeveloper

    Webdeveloper Member

    Yes it's risky. Personally, I definitely have made dating sites some kind of porn substitutes. I realized that I was mesmerized when watching profiles. Unmistakably, I got dopamine dumps. So I've decided to stop. No only is it slowing down recovery, it's also a behaviour whose effect might lead quickly to relapse.
  13. NewTerritories

    NewTerritories virtual

    Dating apps and vidyagames. I use them too. They're useful and entertaining. They have some value! But you've identified your usage of them to be potentially excessive. So: use them in moderation.

    My suggestion: don't let the impulse of the moment tell you when to open up Tinder, OKCupid or how long to use them for. Decide that in advance. Plan it out, set it on your schedule for the week. Say, 15 minutes per day, at 7 PM. If you skip a day, use that time on Sunday. Evaluate whether to change the schedule each week.

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