Can seeing family members naked desensitize you?

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by DarkCronicX, Dec 5, 2015.

  1. DarkCronicX

    DarkCronicX New Member

    What do you think about that? Like seeing family members of the opposite sex just walking around nude in the house most of the time? Will it eventually desensitize you to the female form?
  2. hope2overcome

    hope2overcome No Love, No Sex

    I think it will desensitize you. Why is this happening in your household?
  3. DarkCronicX

    DarkCronicX New Member

    I live in a family where we're all really comfortable with that kinda stuff. But I'm the only male in my house and live with my mom and sis. I got recently got struck with bouts of HOCD, like about a year ago or so.. that's one of the things that motivated me to quit pmo and it's been about a month and a couple days into my reboot.. I was thinking about it recently tho, maybe seeing females naked for pretty much my whole life has taken a toll on my brain and desensitized me to the point of not even getting aroused by girls I see in real life.. I know I used to love girls idk what my problem is.. I see my friends and they're all motivated to talk to girls and stuff and then there's me.. idk what it is man ive been a late bloomer my whole life.. im 19 now, never had a girlfriend, haven't even had my first kiss or held a girls hand for that matter.. its pretty pathetic when I think about it, im trying not to though

  4. Doubt it had much of an effect. Think about tribals in Africa and South America. I bet they have no problems.

    PMO is the problem. It fucks with our brains more than most people are willing to admit. I had a moment of illumination the other day, I realized that I ONLY get an erection from violence.

    Seeing girls asses and such in real life is supposed to get you hard. Sexual things are supposed to get you hard.

    I haven't had that since I was an early teenager. Hot girls won't physically get me hard, but playing Fallout 4 and decapitating a practically naked woman does..... Kinda scared the shit out of me when I realized it.

    We've fucked our brains with PMO. Don't worry about the family thing, that's the least of your problems.
  5. iHaveSeenEvil

    iHaveSeenEvil Do it for her, the mother of my children.

    I don't believe real life stimuli will desensitize you. Especially if it's your family members; something I am assuming is non-sexual.

    The problem with porn addiction and PIED is ARTIFICIAL stimuli.

    Some people while rebooting become afraid to look at a real naked woman, and I personally think it's counter productive.
    I mean honestly, this being your family and all completely negates the situation.

    So no, it's your fucking mom and sister.
    It's not ruining your reboot or sensitization.
  6. DarkCronicX

    DarkCronicX New Member

    so should I expect any big changes 1 month into reboot? Or am I still way too early in and need to wait longer
  7. Coma White

    Coma White ·★ ғar вeyond тнe ѕυn ★·

    What's next? We can't see our girlfriends naked either because it will desensitize us too?

    No OP, it won't desensitize you, no need to worry. Desensitization caused by porn is not from seeing nude women all the time, it's because you're seeing them on a screen. In essence, you're getting sensitized to the screen and not to actual bodies, so actual bodies seem boring in comparison. You can't get desensitized by looking at a real woman's body, whether it be your girlfriend, a family member, a stripper, a crazy woman walking around naked in the street or whatever else you can think of.
  8. Moltisanti

    Moltisanti Guest

    Have you even tried reading anything from yourbrainonporn??
  9. hope2overcome

    hope2overcome No Love, No Sex

    Coma white sorta has a point. Perhaps, it wont desensitize you. According to Desensitization happens from too much stimultation causing dopamie receptors and transmitters to close. Therefore, with this lens, we can conclude that if you aren't getting sexually arroused by their bodies way tooo much and way too often then you wont be desensitized.
  10. rebooting

    rebooting Member

    It will desensitize you. I know nurses (both male and female). They work with dozens of naked people every day for many years. They tell me it's impossible to get turned on by bodyparts if you see a lot of naked people of the opposite sex because you get used (desensitized) to them. A breast or vagina will be nothing more than a hand or ear. That's what they tell me. I think seeing your mom won't do much harm, but seeing your sister naked will desensitize you.
  11. Loleekins

    Loleekins Nemo repente fuit turpissimus

    I don't have that problem. It's professional mindset. When I'm at work, it's work. I'm not interested in your bits aside from what I have to do with them medically. A man in my life is viewed differently. I'm not in a professional capacity with him, so he is objectified in a sexual way.

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