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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Tryingtogoback, Jan 27, 2014.

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    The performance anxiety is my nemesis for sure. I have been able to pull some very good looking girls but being unable to seal the deal many times in a row crushed my psyche. Just this week I had good success just holding hands and such and finally felt a libido after almost 2 months no porn and about 3 MOs during the entire time.

    It is really strange...I can't believe I used to MO or PMO like 5 times a week or more. Now even one O seems to knock my dick out cold for like 5 days +. I can literally feel a soreness or weakness kind like when you go to the gym and work out, you need recovery time.

    I feel like I'm not ready to go again for at least a week after an O.
  2. hey man shit happens, hell just the other night I failed pretty hard with some random chick, I was overly drunk but wasn't really feeling it at all only got hard when she'd blow me then we'd have sex for a few minutes and I would lose it couldn't feel anything. I definitely felt like shit for not being able to perform but whatever, I know im not "broken" and have had months and months of successful sex. You just have to try and brush things off and keep going it will get better. Im visiting the girl I had been seeing for a few months before she moved away in about a month so hopefully things go well there I mean im sure they will as I really like this girl and am 100% comfortable with her. One night stands are sort of hit or miss with me.
  3. So just to prove that shit happens and it's all about your mindset


    Girl I could barely get it up with last week while I was near blackout drunk texted me out of the blue the other day. Invited her over and proceeded to fuck her not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4 but 5!!! times throughout the night. Granted I only came 3 times but still, rocked her damn world ;). Keep strong boys!
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    Hey man, awesome success story!

    I'm on a shaky path atm, I managed 56 or so days no PMO, and then relapsed pretty hard, within a week or so of PMO every night I felt like I was back to square one. I then went another 27 or so days before relapsing again with the same sort of result, except I didn't feel like I'd made that much progress again, which is the same story for this last streak which is only maybe 14 days or so. It seems to be getting harder and harder to go for a long streak.

    After the 57 days I felt the confidence and lack of anxiety that everybody reports and had days where I felt invincible, other's where I just felt good, but the depression seemed to have all but disappeared save maybe the odd down day here and there. Regardless, I took this new invincibility and decided to try my luck with girls. I decided to get Tinder as it's all the rage amongst my friends at the moment and see how I felt just talking to girls again.

    I've spoke to plenty of girls and even been on a couple of dates, but the root of my relapses seem to be sexting. The girl I'm into most lives about an hour away from me, but she's a huge tease, and that often leads us into sexting and sending graphic pictures to each other. The option to meet her hasn't arisen yet as we're both final year university students with enormous workloads (Me being history and politics I have just shy of 40,000 words to write this semester) making social time a rare commodity as it is.

    My question is, if you sexted at all with any girls during your time quitting porn, how did you avoid it being a trigger? I don't want to avoid it all together because I don't want her to think I'm not into her, and to be honest when I wake up with a morning rager it's difficult to think rationally about the consequences. The worst part is that I'm only in university monday and tuesday, the rest of the time I'm working at home, meaning once she's teased me beyond repair I can't help but stray over to one of my favourite tumblr pages adorned with porn gifs and images, and inevitably end up doing the five finger knuckle shuffle, most of the time until I fire the spaff canon.
  5. Hey man thanks!

    About the whole sexting thing. I personally don't really "sext" too much, besides maybe receiving the occasional pic. I haven't sent a pic of my dick to any chicks or anything I mean I've sent like a shirtless pic or something but nothing over the top. I mean my ex would maybe send a pic of her in some lingerie or her with her top off covering up etc. but I've never really gone and jerked off to them. I've only had Skype "sex" once and it's whatever I think it's kind of awkward I mean basically just watching each other masturbate which is kind of w/e when your not actually touching each other. I would say try and avoid masturbating to these pics or don't even look at them all together. It seems like they are a big trigger for you which isn't good, if your able to look at them once and be done then whatever but actively seeking out more pics and masturbating to them isn't a good thing.

    For me i'm at the point where I can control my urges and have no desire to go look at porn so seeing a sexy pic definitely makes my heart beat a little faster but I don't get the urge to look at porn. I just channel that energy back in and tell myself that i'll use it when im actually with said girl. If its just absolutely too much go masturbate just to sensation don't bring porn into it.
  6. Don't know why but decided to pop back on the ole YBOP site today lol. It's been 750+ days since I first started this journey and ALOT has changed since the beginning. I am currently dating my awesome girlfriend whom i've been with since the early late stages of my reboot (think day 120ish). She has no clue i have ever experienced PIED or had any sort of addiction to porn, just that I don't really look at it anymore. Sex comes extremely easy to me and has for the last year or so and I really only masturbate when i'm away from my gf for weeks/months. Seeing as how i'll be up with her all the time soon that won't be much of an issue. I will admit I have looked at porn two or three times in the last 2 years, no it did not mess me up or ruin 100's of days of abstinence but it really isn't much of anything once you've given it up for a year+. It in no way compares to real sex or the feeling of intimacy with a woman you love and is sort of disturbing to me now. Once you break free of this addiction you will realize you'll have extreme mental control over yourself. I'd put it as almost being like a buddhist monk. Things like hunger/sexual tension/fatigue etc. have become very easy to control. Situations where in the past I would feel like I was about to die from sexual tension or starvation etc. now don't even phase me. I almost embrace the feeling of discomfort (as sick and perverted as that may sound). I wouldn't say I have any "super human" powers I just have extreme control over my mind if I tell myself i'm not going to do something then I won't do it my mind doesnt play tricks on me anymore. I know some of you are probably like wtf is this dude saying but as weird as these last sentences may have sounded that's the best I can do to describe the feeling. Anyways just thought i'd post up a new reply and if any of you newer guys need any help or want some advice just post here/message me and i'll do my best to answer. Good luck to you all and know that even if it feels like your wasting your time and this is never going to work it will just give it time.
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    Trying - I have been reading your thread yesterday/today and about to read through your journal. Congrats on your success.

    I wanted to bring to anybody's attention who is reading the above paragraph. So many of us (perhaps rightfully so) only concern about our dicks. The most valuable tool you will have by cutting porn and beginning self-improvement is the mastery over your mind. You begin to run the day, the day doesn't run you. You will start to think well what else am I holding myself back from? What am I running from?

    I'm at like 2 years no porn. Not a single peep. I guess if you count naked girls in movies or something, but haven't been to a porn site in over 2 years. One day I made a decision to never do it again and I won't go back. I can't comment on being sexually healed, since I have not had much the last 1-2 years and I've always needed to feel comfortable with a girl for good sex, but I think I still have some ways to go there.

    Congrats on your successes!
  8. Hey, first off congrats on 2 years absolutely no porn that's amazing. I was (possibly still?) in the same boat as you in terms of needing to feel comfortable with a girl for good sex I would get super nervous even once I realized I could perform (I had a little situation where a one night stand didn't go so hot, I think I may have wrote about it in here actually, but I more than made it up the next day lol) and would be sort of hit or miss but once I get comfortable it's no problem. Obviously I have had a girlfriend for awhile whom i'm super comfortable with where this is no longer a problem but I can relate. The mind mastery bit is a big change I saw going into the super late stages of my reboot like pretty much after being able to have sex again and after being several months clean. It's more of a long term effect caused by giving up porn/breaking free of the addiction. I would assume it is true with anyone recovering from any form of addiction, whether that be cigarettes, drugs, over eating etc. your mind becomes stronger and better able to deal with denying the "little voice inside your head" telling you to go get that next dopamine kick (whatever that may be). This in turn translates over into other aspects of your life and allows you to better control your thoughts and mindset. Of course most people (myself included) are just looking to get their dick working again. Just know that if you stick to this system and just let your mind reboot and rewire things will start working again. Of course it may take some time and you've got to put in the work and deal with the discomfort but it will eventually subside. The whole mind thing is just gravy and something I felt was good to share based off my long term abstinence/experiences.

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