Can get hard but can't PIV

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    So for years now I've been dealing with ED. I'm 47.

    I can get an erection with a woman, sometimes just from kissing. But as soon as it comes time to penetrate the pussy, the dick goes limp. I've had a few successful encounters, where the dick stayed strong during PIV. But most of the time, it's quite unreliable.

    I masturbated to porn quite often when I was younger. I clenched my pelvic floor quite tightly, death gripped. I'm sure all of that has hurt my chances of keeping an erection during actual sex.

    But what bothers me the most is once I've mounted and am inside her, I lose all feeling. Not physical feeling, but emotional feeling. Like the dopamine reward pathway just disappears. I just "don't care" it seems anymore.

    My question is - is this then most likely a dopamine issue? Because I can get a boner pretty easily in general. It's just when it comes time for actual sex, sustaining the erection becomes next to impossible. The usual excitement and drive that was present in my 20s-30s is missing from the encounter, no matter how attractive I find the woman.

    I also have anxiety and other psychological issues, but no issues with libido or wanting to have sex. I find women still very attractive. I want to fuck them when I see them. I can get erections sometimes just looking at them. It's just during the actual sex part that failure occurs. Blowjobs are usually ok, though sometimes that fails too.

    I"m curious if this is a common issue. And how to fix it if it's dopamine related.
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    At 57 , married I can relate ... Cardio fitness is key where arousal systems are clwearly working - just not at capacity I realize it's an old post but still.. a worthy topic

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