Can anyone tell me if I’m ever gonna heal?

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Did stopping PMO reverse your fetishes?

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  1. james franch

    james franch New Member

    I’m 31M, married happily to a beautiful woman.
    My problem is ED, and i keep sexually fantasizing about giving blowjobs, especially to a couple of people I know and I enjoy watching blowjob videos and imagining im the woman in the video.
    I have been watching porn and masturbating for the last 11 years. I just recently got married and discovered the problem. I had sex with a woman and it was amazing when I was 20 years old and i know im a straight guy. But these thoughts are killing me and I just want to know if stopping PMO will ever reverse those thoughts, I feel like im betraying my wife and im so sad all day cause of this.
  2. BackOnTrack

    BackOnTrack Active Member

    Maybe you have HOCD, so you're just afraid of being gay.
    Do you have romantic feelings towards men? Were you intriged by women or men at the beach when you were younger?
    If not then it's probably just a porninduced fetish.
    Stopping porn will make your taste much more vanilla, no need for these extreme fantasies to be aroused.
  3. Larry

    Larry Member

    I think that those thoughts have nothing to do with being gay. When you’ve watched as much porn as we have, standards sex gets old and your brain starts looking for variety. We drift to stuff that’s different than we’ve experienced and often stuff that’s more extreme. The vanilla sex just doesn’t satisfy us any more. I really liked to watch cuckold videos, but am absolutely certain that I have no actual desire for that to happen in real life. I have also watched some gay porn, but again I am totally straight. Of course I can’t say for sure that you are not attracted to men, but these fantasies are just not enough evidence to worry about. Get yourself straightened out and start enjoying your wife again.
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