Can a fetish go away on its own? Also haven't watched cam girls in almost....

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by germanshepherd07, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. germanshepherd07

    germanshepherd07 New Member

    three weeks.

    My fetish has mysteriously dissipated or has been reduced to nothing more than an act that I do not want ever to perform in real life.

    And lately I have been horny as hell for some vagina. I hate to be vulgar but I am. Could be the weather.
  2. hogus

    hogus Well-Known Member

    "horny as hell" - sounds more like cravings.

    Fetishes tend to go away when you abstain long enough.

    Good job on abstaining so long! I remember when you couldn't get past a few days.
  3. germanshepherd07

    germanshepherd07 New Member

    Well only from cam girls. The PMO is still there. Cam girls was my main problem. Now I just need to get the porn out and then I'll be good.

    EDIT: And yeah, I say it's the cravings too due to the fact that this fetish was centered on the other "part" of a woman and now I'm interested in her true sexual organ again.
  4. hogus

    hogus Well-Known Member

    No PMO will be a lot easier now you have cam girls out of the way though.
  5. germanshepherd07

    germanshepherd07 New Member

    Hope so. I've been focusing on saving money and just keeping my head straight. Porn cravings are not even that strong anymore but the porn-masturbation association is still there so I use porn with it.
  6. Roaring Tide

    Roaring Tide New Member

    That's what needs to stop in order for you to be fully free though. As long as you keep using porn, even though the cravings aren't even that strong anymore, you will be reinforcing the neural pathways.

    Those neural pathways need to be allowed to weaken, atrophy and fade. They'll only do that by not being used anymore.

    Sounds like you've already cracked the hardest part of this, so the rest of it should be easier in comparison.

    Good luck :)
  7. Exsanguinatus

    Exsanguinatus New Member

    What other part? We all get some weird porn fetishes over time... some even stray in the trans, interracial. Personally i had/have (don't even know) a fetish for anal sex, although I have never had IRL and I am too disgusted to even try. I think most of the fetishes are only to the scenes you watch, but IRL it might be very different.

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