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Discussion in 'Ages 40+' started by Boxer17, Jun 23, 2017.

  1. Boxer17

    Boxer17 Well-Known Member

    I am, and always have been, a musical fanatic.
    My carefully curated music collection is several decades in the making. I love music that comes from most genres.
    I also tend to be a musical explorer. Internet radio is a wonder as it allows me to peruse musical stations and genres from around the globe.

    While I love any good music that is being put out now, I still circle back to the old sixties and seventies rock and pop that was on am and fm radio years ago.

    I came across this interesting quotation which I think many may relate to. It is put so concisely and accurately.

    It says:
    "We don't look for old songs, we look for the memories they carry"

    I think that says it so well. As I'm approaching my 70th birthday I find myself going back in memories to the days of junior high and high school when one is at their physical peak and remembering those hopeful times, when most of life lay out before us.
    Now in the autumn of life I look back on the good and bad with some pride and some regret. I cannot change the good or the bad, I know, but the music of those bygone days can bring back memories and the emotions of those times.

    This is just a little musing of mine

    "We don't look for old songs, we look for the memories they carry"

    Warm regards
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  2. mailboxsam

    mailboxsam Active Member

    Now the years are rolling by me
    They are rocking evenly
    I am older than I once was
    Younger than I’ll be that’s not unusual
    No it isn’t strange
    After changes upon changes we are more or less the same
    After changes we are more or less the same!
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  3. badger

    badger Well-Known Member

    one of my musings when i hear those songs you describe-60s, 70s- " these days, i feel more than i remember"
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  4. mailboxsam

    mailboxsam Active Member

    That is like how I feel about friends and family.
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  5. Boxer17

    Boxer17 Well-Known Member

    Yes that is so true .... and..those feelings are so transportive! ( is that a word!?):p
  6. Boxer17

    Boxer17 Well-Known Member

    Greetings. Just checking in.
    I have my ups and downs; as do we all. I do okay for 2 or 3 weeks and then the " Monkey on my Back"
    begins tapping and letting me know that it's time for him to be attended to and the fever begins to build. I know I am in trouble when the most seemingly innocuous ad on tv or in magazine has a stimulating effect on me.

    I have never been a fan of hard P, sticking to definitely soft stuff. Mainly P subs and the like. But I sometimes think that can be as corrosive as the harder.

    So, I try to stay away from P but there are still traps to be aware of. I'll walk into a store and get ambushed by some gal shopping. It's terrible when just going out in public is an environment of triggering.
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  7. Caz

    Caz Active Member

    you’re an inspiration. I hope to be triggered by a random women in public when I’m 70.
  8. Boxer17

    Boxer17 Well-Known Member


    Actually, you may find that though one's body ages your mind still perceives as still a young man
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  9. Mozenjo

    Mozenjo Well-Known Member

    Ain't that the truth! But we should have enough wisdom by now to realize that our days are precious and that each one should be treated as a gift.
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  10. badger

    badger Well-Known Member

    Old friends, memory brushes the same years, silently sharing the same fears.-
    Old Friends-Paul Simon
  11. Boxer17

    Boxer17 Well-Known Member

    That is true Moz. We realize that each fleeting day is a gift but the "young man" in the head sometimes seems as reckless as ever. Its hard many times to allow wisdom to prevail. This is a very hard age in which to keep ones mind unsullied. When we were young one had to go and seek out p now it is within a few swipes of the fingers on keyboards.
    Have you ever noticed that you can go out hiking or camping for days and never have 1 temptation. then you come back into the city and you are bombarded with images both in print and in real life.
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  12. Boxer17

    Boxer17 Well-Known Member

    "How terribly strange to be seventy"
  13. badger

    badger Well-Known Member

    like bookends on a park bench. i tell you paul simon-one of the best poets still around.
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