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Discussion in 'Ages 40+' started by bright_eyes, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. Zed.

    Zed. Steady as she goes...

    That's a great post bright_eyes. Hallelujah to that.
  2. LTE

    LTE Master Of My Domain

    That anti-porn site is amazing. It's obviously a very grim business.
  3. bright_eyes

    bright_eyes Master of My Own Mind?

  4. a short guy

    a short guy Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the warning. I'll wait till my food is well digested. :) Reading about the real deal is helpful, though depressing.
  5. bright_eyes

    bright_eyes Master of My Own Mind?

    I'm not sure what motivated me, but I spent a bunch more time on my new discovery, the website.

    A young lady named Jennie Ketchum has quite a bit of content there. I found it fascinating how much the things she says match the things we say here. Have a look. I think you'll find it interesting. And it's a good news story as opposed to the utterly depressing stuff I have been linking to.

    An impressive young lady named Jennie Ketchum writes about porn, addiction, and life...
  6. LTE

    LTE Master Of My Domain

    I've been impressed by what I've read there. Jennie Ketchum comes across as a very honest person.
  7. bright_eyes

    bright_eyes Master of My Own Mind?

    28 days no M. Not too shabby. I can beat it, though. It starts with my hyper awareness that M leads to more M.
  8. bright_eyes

    bright_eyes Master of My Own Mind?

    I can report that almost immediately after M'ing, my balls started hurting like a sonofabitch. That's after 28 days with no testicular discomfort whatsoever. One more reason not to M...
  9. LTE

    LTE Master Of My Domain

    337 days with no orgasm, no ejaculation and no discomfort. No masturbation works.
  10. Bright eyes, congratulations on 300 days, what a feat. I'll watch your journal with interest for the next few days to learn how you deal with chaser following M. Please do post your observations if you have any for the benefit of rest of us.
  11. bright_eyes

    bright_eyes Master of My Own Mind?

    It's not a problem. There are different kinds of M.

    For me, solo M involving porn lite (pics of barely clothed women) has a high probability of repeating. This M was, strange though it might sound, togetherness M, just me and my partner being together such as we can be (telephone) while living on opposite coasts. At this point in my journey, this kind of M has a low probability of repeating (for quite some time).

    Better to not M, I guess, but sometimes my partner and I get a little bit crazy. I quite like that aspect of her. Note that I am exerting all possible efforts to end this scenario of living on opposite coasts.
  12. imout

    imout Active Member

    hey bright, missed your 300. sorry. How could I since I know we are so close together on this
  13. bright_eyes

    bright_eyes Master of My Own Mind?

    No worries, imout. It's like you said: We're dealing with the real shit now that we're clean. Onward!
  14. Zed.

    Zed. Steady as she goes...

    Hey bright_eyes, just saw that you've passed 300 days without porn - respect to you. I like that Nazareth track you posted there too, not heard of them before.
  15. xstar

    xstar New Member

    Congrats on 300!...a few days late. I'm glad things are going well. Thanks for posting the Haim videos.
  16. bright_eyes

    bright_eyes Master of My Own Mind?


    Trigger Alert:

    This young woman strips down to her undergarments while speaking. I did not find it titillating. Ditto for when she demonstrates belly dancing (her terminology).

    Inflammatory (to this audience) Content:

    The entire 20-minute video is a speech about why pornography addiction is not really an addiction. She even calls out by name.

    [End Warnings]


    This young woman has wisely chosen a particular genre of porn as her speciality. In this genre, the women do not have to get used as multi-hole receptacles. Rather, the women get to use the men, typically over a remote Internet connection. (The men like it.)

    I must confess that I do not understand this young woman's motivation for posting this video. The genre in which she participates depends on guys being very sick in the head, so it is certainly in her interest to convince these guys that they are not sick in the head.

    (No offense intended to fans of this genre. I was very sick in the head in my own way for my own favorite genres.)
  17. imout

    imout Active Member

    are you talking about submissive stuff as the genre. Sorry Bright, I cant be bothered watching the vid. But Id like to follow your drift of your post
  18. LTE

    LTE Master Of My Domain

    I understand her motivation. She's trying to protect her racket.
  19. Florida22

    Florida22 Member

    CRAP! Had a total and epic meltdown last night and PMO'd via some stupid Cinemax movie! Crap! Crap! Crap! Oh well, we reset the counter and get after it!

    That 60 day thing must be real! Angry - now it's time to pick self up and start over. Really pissed at myself.

    Was home alone - plans fell through - felt lonely and failed. The divorce adjustment is going to be more difficult than anticipated - especially on weekends.
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  20. needtoohigh

    needtoohigh New Member

    Hey Bright! Well, I will not even tamper with watching whatever video is mentioned here right now. I will comment on how crazy it is that people simple just do not "get it." I would also bet that she or whomever it is, has not sat and read through and/or watched the videos on YBOP. Wow... amazing!

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