Breakthrough; Arousal and noticing women.

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by jdurden, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. jdurden

    jdurden Guest

    In literally the last few days, my brain has suddenly decided to allow me to notice beautiful/sexy women. I've gone from being nonplussed and unaware to like MAJOR RADAR and just totally appreciative of the different elements that make a woman sexy and attractive, I feel a little obsessed (but in a good way) and I'm enjoying it.

    Also today I was flirting a lot with a girl in a shop and especially when we made lasting eye contacts at certain points, I was getting random semi-ons so I'm making really good progress and more importantly it's becoming measurable. I think we guys get put out when even after a long period of abstinence there are no landmarks to show for our efforts. The point is you have to stick it out for the long-term to benefit from the positive results, which (from my last noPMO experience, which lasted around 12 weeks) start to snowball after you begin noticing erections improve, improve and improve.

    Anyone similar experiences, noticing women a lot more?
  2. miracle

    miracle Guest

    Congrats. Its a great testament to your will to keep om through the hard and boring times.
  3. Anon_Fapper

    Anon_Fapper New Member

    The most common path people seem to have is Hyper-Arousal --> Flatline --> Natural Arousal, where the final end is a natural, healthy attraction / drive towards women that didn't exist at the beginning. Now there are quite a few variations on this, but congrats on getting out of the flatline.
  4. ariwl1

    ariwl1 New Member

    I haven't been feeling major arousal, but lately I do find myself looking at women's chests more.
  5. germanshepherd07

    germanshepherd07 New Member

  6. ariwl1

    ariwl1 New Member

    Was that confusing?
  7. fugu

    fugu "You know, feelin' good, livin' betta." :) Staff Member

    Huge congratulations! I've recently been in the same boat as you!
  8. germanshepherd07

    germanshepherd07 New Member

    Nah but I look at their chests all the time. I meant like wut, you don't frequently look at their chests til now?

    But maybe you meant that you pay more to real women's busts and not to porn anymore.
  9. ariwl1

    ariwl1 New Member

    Haha actually it's a bit different. PMO'ing was filling up all sorts voids in my life. I had zero interest in real sex and even dating. I was in a huge funk, and barely noticed the people around me.

    When I stopped looking at the porn while I still had the urge to MO I began to look at other people out public more. And I began to notice women's busts more as a result. Also butts.
  10. germanshepherd07

    germanshepherd07 New Member

    Gotcha. I wish there was a thread dedicated to this but I guess no one doesn't want to talk about it since it's a potential trigger.

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