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Discussion in 'Ages 25-29' started by Wise Hermit, Oct 19, 2019.

  1. Wise Hermit

    Wise Hermit New Member

    I guess this kind of journal is needed to keep myself more motivated. Just recently turned 25, so a good forum to start this journey.

    I have pdf with over 150 pages collection of people's results on various range of no pmo from this website. Randomly found it like 2 month ago on Google/reddit while in search of self improvement material, and saved. First looked skeptical, especially because half of the improvements I already had from meditation which helped a lot to change my personality but smth made me check out this pdf from day to day.
    (today I found the link to this place on page 143 btw)

    About a month ago I watched a video on scientifical explanation to pmo refusal and it has been decided since.

    Past month was a month of learning self discipline and feeling like shit after each relapse. But some streaks, like the one with 1.5 week, helped to see the proof of effects existence. I felt like with superpowers. Half of them came out of nowhere and half were the boost to my new personality which I created under recurring meditation and self analysis, but couldn't hold due to weak focus everyday. 1.5 week streak also happened right before a big party where I noticed my friends, especially girls, approaching me all the time which is amazing since I'm like 5-6 by looks and could be pretty much annoying with my problems before.

    The relapses were still a problem though but recently I gave it a long thought, boosted by motivation from reddit's nofap community, and made clear conclusions for myself.

    Thus, I purposefully relapsed on 14th of October, like a goodbye relapse, and planning on holding for a long amazing streak with the purpose of creating Brand New Life for myself.

    Hope my future posts can give some motivation to the folks who are close to mine state of mind.

    Ooo, I also stopped smoking ciggs 2 days ago to make larger health effect along with no pmo but not sure how long vaping can entertain me.

    That's it for the start
  2. Rengaw

    Rengaw Will log on every other week from 13/10/2016

    Hi there Wise Hermit,

    Welcome to the forums. Battling a (porn) addiction is something everybody does on his or her own terms. I hope you find tools for your solutions, and as one of the tools that has been shared here many times I suggest you pick up a copy of the Easypeasy hackbook - it has helped me greatly to smoothen out of the negatives of an addiction.

    Take care and if you need any help, there's always good people on these forums.

  3. Wise Hermit

    Wise Hermit New Member

    12 days in. Strangely, I don't notice any urges so far. Yes, sometimes mind wondering about smth erotic, but at least about real life situations and not some porn. And even then there are no urges to masturbate. That feels really relaxing.
    I think I more focus on stopping smoking ciggaretts at the moment than on pmo.

    Also this boost of confidence bacame a usual thing in the last 5 days. Not impressed from it anymore, just feels good when you realize you had a boost of confidence compared to when you were on pmo. So thankful for some situations in the last few days.

    Guess I have even more motivation to nofap now.

    Thanks, man. Glad there're communicative people here
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  4. Rengaw

    Rengaw Will log on every other week from 13/10/2016

    It's amazing to see you're trying to cripple both your smoking and fapping. If you have a fal back in either of them... don't sweat it!
    Having a setback is part of the game. Day by day you're increasing that confidence. Like you said: You're not impressed anymore, but later on it'll dawn upon you that you're feeling incredible for no significant reason. That's the power of nofap!

    Enjoy your ride!
  5. Wise Hermit

    Wise Hermit New Member

    27 days, wow. This streak feels amazing. The November helps with it a lot.
    But still not cured at all. Even though I stopped masturbating and not visiting any porn sites. Still, the mind gives you what you miss. I can space out for up to 30 mins thinking about girls.
    Feels like step by step "I will quit PMO" transfers into "I will quit PMO to fuck girls with the boost of my ego" and writing this is the only way to realize it right now.
    Guess I will need time to change my mindset about sex. I know I'm good at it. But, like, do I want to date another nymphomaniac? Certainly no! Want to switch sex priority to under the feelings of the partner. Then I will stop react to cute girls who appear mental maniacs.
    But it's great. Appreciation of smth is the 1st step in curing it.

    wow, these diaries are amazing. you just start writing and it flows

    Well, I started smoking again but for sure won't sweat it. Reading a good book on stopping smoking atm. Interested how it will end. Cuz. why not?

  6. Wise Hermit

    Wise Hermit New Member

    33 Days was a good streak. Didn't even realize how I relapsed just now. Amazing how little you need after one month of nofap. Let's start an even higher streak. Plus finished my last pack of ciggs yesterday. Will as well start on that again. Day 0, lets go.
  7. Wise Hermit

    Wise Hermit New Member

    Day 15/ Day 0

    So I indeed learned how to not touch myself. The unexpected crawled out. Was phantasizing about sex so much I came. Well, never thought this would happen. And even embarrased to say about it. But if I would be able to keep it okay mentally - would not happen. I'm still on my way to embrace the demons inside. Let's keep moving
  8. Wise Hermit

    Wise Hermit New Member

    Day 5 / Day 0

    Let's start over, shall we

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