Brain Plasticity - Is it damaged permanently?

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  1. Depressed&Out

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    "By comparing addict and non-addict animals at various time points during their history of drug taking, the teams of Pier Vincenzo Piazza and Olivier Manzoni have demonstrated that the animals which developed an addiction to cocaine exhibit a permanent loss of the capacity to produce a form of plasticity known as long term depression (or LTD). LTD refers to the ability of the synapses (the region of communication between neurons) to reduce their activity under the effect of certain stimulations. It plays a major role in the ability to develop new memory traces and, consequently, to demonstrate flexible behaviour."

    I know the above is an old article, but does the above quote say that if you've experienced addiction, your brain's plasticity is damaged.... probably forever???

    If so, what hope is there for people like us?? :( :( :(
  2. shattered

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    I will say this: could it be that you are hoping this is an irreversible problem, so you don't have to face the task of quitting PMO or MO?

    I have been putting doubts in my own mind for years such as "maybe it's a medication I took in the past".

    I propose to you to make a choice:
    1) Don't believe that you can be cured, and continue to PMO the rest of your life and never change
    2) Decide today that you aren't going to live like this, and you are going to heal - which implies a lot of hard work breaking bad habits.

    I'm not attacking you, but I'm pointing out that you seem to be looking for an excuse to not make a change in your life.

    I have done this myself, and I'm a loser for it.
  3. Depressed&Out

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    Not true. I have no urges to PMO or even MO whatsoever.

    The last time I PMOed was in August 2017. So that's nearly a year. As I said, no urges whatsoever!

    I simply asked because we SHOULD be asking to find out knowledge.
  4. shattered

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    Ok, I sincerely was trying to be helpful. But I should be careful not to project my own problems on others.
  5. Depressed&Out

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    No, I've also gone off MO. Haven't masturbated since mid June, and even then I wasn't MO a lot.

    I've never taken any medications. Kept a healthy diet since early 20s attending gym almost religiously.
  6. Deleted User

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    I'd recommend to go to a very good doctor and get detailed blood work to see if you have low B12, Iron deficiency, Hypothyroidism, or ANY other easily treatable deficiency that may be be stalling your progress.
  7. Depressed&Out

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    I've had numerous blood tests over the past few years, including one just last month, it's always been nothing wrong. Apart from raised cortisol at times and the odd thing.
  8. Depressed&Out

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    I hope so - my only worry is DeltaFos B and the fact that, as a virgin, I've never developed a sexual pathway (of real women) in my brain. And therefore nothing for the brain to 'go back to'.

    Anyway, I'm determined to stay off PMO forever. (MO only once I've 'recovered'.)
  9. Musashi

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    A few things to keep in mind..

    1) This was an animal study.

    2) "permanent loss of the capacity", in this context I think that means diminised capacity as opposed to "no capacity".

    3) Cocaine is far more powerful than porn. Cocaine elevates dopamine approximately 400% above baseline whereas sexual arousal elevates dopamine 150-200% above baseline.

    4) There are many success stories of virgins overcoming PIED.

    5) It's only one study

    I suggest you read "the brain that changes itself" by Norman Doidge.

    This is not a scientific claim but there is a supplement/food called lions mane (hericium erinaceus) which has some interesting emerging research of neuro-regenerative effects.
  10. Depressed&Out

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    Thank you. I've been reading books about the brain recently and Norman Doidge's is the next one on my list.
  11. Musashi

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    I would suggest you stick with hard mode and find a partner to rewire with when you're ready - just because you have PIED doesn't mean you can't have a partner.

    I would like to know, have you experienced any benefits since you quit in August 2017? Memory, cognitive, energy, better sleep or anything?

    Also, even though you don't PMO do you ever look at P?
  12. Deleted User

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    @SuicidalVirgin Increased cortisol means your body is going through stress. I think you need to focus on exercises that can train your brain. Meditation is probably the best thing you can do to get your brain stronger.

    Most people have difficulty focusing on "one thing" for more than a few minutes. Building up the time you can focus on "one thing" will reap many other rewards in how you think and act.

    I'm sure most people on this forum will agree that practicing meditation will strengthen your brain. Once your brain is stronger and more focused, other things in life get easier.

    Good luck and don't give up!
  13. Depressed&Out

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    Thanks - I'm looking for someone, albeit casually, but it's can be a bit discouraging to approach someone who will later know that I'm still living with parents.

    In terms of improvements - I'm not so sure if they're related to me quiting PMO, but I have more attention now, memory is possibly a little better, my emotional mood is better except for the odd spell that I have (where sometimes it involves anger). So far every improvement has been a little bit vague, rather than easily noticeable.

    Reading for at least half-hour before bed has done wonders for me - I fall asleep easier, wake up naturally earlier than planned and still feel good, and my mind feel clearer. I defintley recommend bed time reading. (rather than my old habit: surfing clip after clip on YouTube!)

    And no, I don't look at porn and I avoid artificial sexual stimuli as much as possible. (and that includes even not looking at a picture of fully clothed woman for longer than necessary)

    I now have to just get rid of fantasying - but even in that, I've became better at it.
  14. Depressed&Out

    Depressed&Out Member

    Yes, I'm feeling really stressed from working lately - but I'm trying to manage it as much as possible.

    I do do meditation, but recently I've swapped it with reading. However, I will be trying to do both as much as possible.

    Thank you for your advice.

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